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Frances Rolleston (see her book, Mazzaroth) mentions the constellation Ophiuchus/Ophiucus

"Scorpio, (then Ophiuchus,..."

It seems Scorpio was once called Ophiuchus, which rules out Ophiuchus being considered a "new" constellation.


Ophiuchus is treated in Mazzaroth as a decan of Scorpio.


Below, from Letters of Miss Frances Rolleston c1867.


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pp 76-77




pp 77-78




SIMOSTONOMY -  an explanation of the precession of the equinoxes.

This site shows that astrology is defective.  This is because Satan did not create the universe, thus when devising astrology he did not know the ordinances that G-d, YHVH, had created, and therefore he could not foretell the future changes in the apparent "path" of the sun.

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