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The Obama dream.

Posted August 2, 2020

Back in about 2011 I had a dream…Michelle Obama and her two girls were in our home as we were evicted.  This place was not our current house, but was (in the dream) our home.  Barak Obama was not there beside Michelle and their kids, but he was further down the street/road I guess in the background.  I always take dreams not too seriously, as sometimes they are just goofy. I don’t think I’ve ever had a prophetic dream. Since this year I’ve been thinking that maybe…just maybe…circumstances are providing that Michelle might be the next president, as Biden doesn’t appear fit to function, a VP might by appearances make the calls in a Biden administration. IF Biden remains on the Democrat's ticket/ballot.


Anyway, in the dream they three were silently staring at us, very stolic/stern expression…no love, no compassion at all.  We were not harmed, just had to get out of our place to make room for them.  I seem to recall some kind of forceful activity in the far background but not certain, and at any rate it did not at the moment of the dream affect us.


At the time of the dream, I was attending a Messianic congregation wherein was a lot of planning and fear of future events, so may have influenced shaped the dream. I don’t remember now what part of the night the dream occurred in.  It will be interesting to see how things play out. Based on the track record of my dreams, I would be surprised to see Michelle Obama in that position.  


Our focus should be on Bible prophecy, not my dreams.  As we watch and learn about bible prophecies, we give God the glory and praise for His work.




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