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Wed. night bible study notes (posted Dec6, 2012 UPDATED Dec12)
No bible study. We watch another movie instead.

Lively Stones



I was blessed with a full day of bible study.  Then I came to Wed. night bible study, to study the bible.

However, the movie was a good presentation of how the Jews are preparing to build the next temple.  In closing, the movie was Jesus/Yeshua based.

I don't remember the title, so for now I'll call it:

"What happened to the book 'to the Hebrews'???"


Tonight's theme was love.

The love flowed like honey.

love, love, and more love.

 I didn't think the talk of love would stop.  On and on I heard  "Love"

love, love, love.

and honey in December!

And then it hit me, this LOVE was coming from someplace else.  Someplace above and beyond the Shul.

In the movie, a man walked all over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem looking at the prospective places for the Holy of Holies.

Love Love Love came the message.  I looked around, and sure enough, I was in the Holy of Holies. Spiritually.  This was the source of the Love. 

How did I get here?


Looking back at the Shul, it seems they are trying to put Yeshua into Joseph's pit.

Forever Forever Forever

The chant went up in the Shul.

Forever! Forever! Forever!

When God says "forever", He means "Forever"!

And God said:

 "It is finished."


In this too it is Revealed that "forever" has a duration.

In the movie, an Orthodox Jew wonders how the Temple will be built.

I read 1Peter 2:5

v5 And YOU yourselves as living stones YOU-are-being-built (a) spiritual household with-reference-to (a) holy priesthood, to-bring-up spiritual sacrifices welcome to-God through Jesus Messiah;Living Stones

The veil is rent. FOREVER.

Living stones
being-built (a) spiritual household
a holy priesthood
spiritual sacrifices
welcome to God through Yeshua.

Orthodox Judaism rejects Yeshua.  Walk this way?

This then explains the commandment "Call no man Rabbi".

Rabbi says: Melchizedek is a title.  IN the future, this is the order Yeshua graduates to.

God says: "YHVH sware and will not repent himself, THOU ART A PRIEST FORE EVER" Hebrews 7:21b


No earthly ceremony necessary to make him such

YHVH is the authority.

v21 On-the-other-hand the (one) with taking-an-oath through the (one) saying-to him:  Jehovah swore, and he-will not regret (it), you (are a) priest with-reference-to the age according-to the arrangement of-Melchisedec.

the tense is not future.  HE IS.

v22 According-to this-much also Jesus has-become-and-still-is surety of (a) better covenant.

IF Jesus IS NOT NOW according to the arrangement of Melchisedec,

THEN at the moment he becomes such, FOREVER,

THEN HE has ALWAYS been according to the arrangement of Melchisedec.

IF you believe forever means forever for the animal sacrifices.....this thinking must follow....


IF we love YESHUA, we keep YESHUA'S  commandments.

There's that LOVE again!

In the movie, a man shows a cup made to carry the blood of animals they plan to sacrifice in the Third Temple.

And from the shul, "Jesus didn't do enough" ??

BUT Spiritual Sacrifices are brought by a holy priesthood.


Hebrews chapter 10

v4 For (it-is) impossible (for) blood of-bulls and he-goats to-be-removing sins.
v5 On-this-account coming-in into the world he-is-saying: You-willed not sacrifice and offering, but you-yourself-rendered (a) body thoroughly-fit for-me;
v6 You-thought not well (of) total-burnt-offerings even concerning sin.
v7 Then I-said: Behold I-am-present, in (the) heading of-(a)-little-book it-has-been-written-and-is-still-written concerning me, to-do, the God, your will.
v8 More-above saying that sacrifice and offering and total-burnt-offerings even concerning sin you-willed not, nor you-thought-well (of), they-which are-being-offered according-to the law,
v9 Then he-has-said-and-is-still-saying: Behold I-am-present to-do, the God, your will. He-is-carrying-off the first in-order-that the second might-stand;
v10 In which will we-are having-been-made-holy-and-are-still-holy through the offering all-at-once of-the body of-the Messiah Jesus.

v16 This (is) the covenant which I-myself-shall-covenant with them after those days, Jehovah is saying: Giving my laws on their hearts, and on their intellects I-shall-inscribe them,

It is finished. Forever.Love.
v17 And of-their sins and their lawlessnesses I-shall by-no-means still be-mindful.
v18 But where-in-which forgiveness of-these, (there is) not-still (an) offering in-behalf-of sins.
v19 Having therefore brothers, boldness-of-speech with-reference-to the entering-in of-the holy-ones in the blood of-Jesus,
v20 Which (entering-in) he-dedicated for-us (a) way recently-slain and living, through the veil, this is his flesh,
That veil is rent. Forever. Love.

In the movie, an Orthodox Jew laments that 2/3 of the Tanakh is defunct due to the lack of a temple.

"We will be able to worship when we have a temple"

When we that are live and remain are changed incorruptible, are WE going to offer animal sacrifices "as a remembrance" of our prior sin, that Yeshua's blood REMOVED?

This is a potentially(?) blasphemous concept. 

This thinking is derived from picking and choosing in the Scripture, in particular the Book to the Hebrews, and then not understanding the left over bits.

However, while this is blasphemous if applied from a Messianic/Christian view - that is - from the body of Messiah, CERTAINLY   Likely  possibly (if we are going to build fences, put them where they are of benefit!) it can be stated that the Jew that is blinded is not being blasphemous in their quest to rebuild the third Temple. But that is NOT to say we Messianic Jews and Gentile Christians should get involved in this production.  Don't let your zeal emotionalism vanity carry you off the straight and narrow path.


It was prophesied that Israel would reject Messiah Yeshua.  They did.

But we don't follow Judaism in this.


Neither do we follow in a Third Temple that is prophesied to be built and for animal sacrifices to begin therein again.


YHVH separates the Holy from the profane.


especially gentile believers keep some things in a meek mind:

YHVH brings Gentiles to his holy mountain. Isaiah 56:6,7  ( specifically those sons of the stranger tht join themselves to YHVH, to serve him that keep His sabbath and "love the name of YHVH".   Part of this group is seen in those that sleep in Jesus, 1Thes.4:13 - I will try and link this to further explaination of The Groups of Dead & Alive.)

"To the Jew first, and to the Greek" Romans 1:16

"So the last shall be first, and the first last.  For many are called, but few chosen" Matthew 20:16


Thus itt might be wise for the gentile to not try to pre-empt God?


remember Yehsua's words "You blind leaders of the blind"


Hebrews 6

v1 On-this-account having-let-go the word of-the beginning of-the Messiah let-us-be-bringing-ourselves upon the perfection, not casting-down again (a) foundation of-repentance from dead works, and of-trust on God,

v2 Of-(a)-doctrine of-baptisms, both of-(a)-placing-on of-hands, of-(a)-resurrection of-dead (ones) and of-eternal sentence.

v3 And this we-shall-do, if-altogether the God might-be-permitting.

v4 For (it is) impossible (for) the (ones) once having-been-enlightened both having-tasted of-the gratuity namely-the (one) in-(the)-heavenly and having-become sharers of-(the)-Holy Spirit,

v5 And having-tasted (the) fine saying of-God and-additionally powerful-deeds of (a) future age,

v6 And having-offended, to again be-renewing with-reference-to repentance, crucifying-again for-them-selves the Son of-the God and making-a-public-example.

"It is finished."

Remember too, with LOVE, enemies for the Good-news sake, beloved for the Father's election.

From the movie: Temple garments for the High Priest have been made.  They have even picked out a High Priest. 

So will YOU follow the Rabbis, or will you follow Yehsua?

I note that some 240 of the 613 commandments found in the Tanakh  have not been kept by ANYONE for 2000 years.  Jesus said not one stone would be left standing of the Temple.  

The bricks are fallen?

Jesus said in three days he would build it up.

Jesus was speaking about the destruction of the Temple, and the resurrection of HIS Body.

We that trust in Yeshua are members of HIS Body. 

Jesus left the earthly Temple.

(I'm sitting in the shul, where Yehsua YHVH is not fully recognized. I'm spiritually in the Holy of Holies.)

Jesus Jesus Jesus, the sweetest name I know

Thank God for the Samech.  This is Love.

 "Love" goes out the call to the Shul. / All eyes are on the TV screen.

And God said, Let there be Light.

For his lovingkindness endures FOREVER.

In the film, you will note the Orthodox Jews don't wear the funny hats, hair, & clothes that the chassidim do,

 but of course they wear the kippah.

Worship God in HOLY array.

Ephesians 6 defines this apparel:

v13 Because-of this YOU-take-up the full-armour of-the God, in-order-that YOU-might-be-able to-withstand in the day namely the evil, and having-worked-out quite-all (things), to-stand.
v14 YOU-stand therefore having-girded-yourselves around YOUR loin with truth, and having-clothed-yourselves-in the breastplate of-the justice,
v15 And having-bound-yourselves-under the feet with preparation of-the good-news of-the peace,
v16 Upon all, having-taken-up the shield of-the trust, with which YOU-will-be-able to-extinguish all the arrows, namely-the (ones) having-been-and-still-on-fire, of-the evil (one).
v17 And YOU-receive the helmet of-the salvation, and the dagger of-the spirit, which (spirit) is (a) saying of-God,
v18 Through all prayer and petition, praying in every season in spirit, and with-reference-to it, being sleepless, in all steadfast-endurance and petition concerning all the holy (ones),

"One of these days, WE WILL BUILD OURSELVES a Temple"

The bricks are fallen.

"One of these days, after WE get everything ready, THEN  Jesus can be king and priest.

You Yeshua, are a Priest after the order of Melchizedek (Righteous KING) FOREVER.

And that FOREVER means Jesus has ALWAYS been KING and PRIEST.

Why are all those long boring genealogies in the Torah?

To show that Melchi-zedek doesn't have one.

In the movie, a man named Gershom has a hewn stone made, a cornerstone.

Later in the movie, we learn that he has a different cornerstone.

The Orthodox Jew rejects Yeshua.

Yeshua is the Cornerstone of the Temple. 

Living stones
being-built (a) spiritual household
a holy priesthood
spiritual sacrifices

1 Peter 2

v6 For-the-reason-that it contains in scripture; Behold I-place in Zion (a) chosen, chief-corner, honoured stone, and the (one) trusting on it he by-no-means might-be-disgraced.
v7 To-YOU, therefore, (is) the honor, to-the (ones) trusting; but to disobeying (ones) (a) stone which the (ones) building rejected, this was-become with-reference-to (a) head of-a-corner
v8 And (a) stone of-stumbling and (a) rock of entrapment; the (ones) disobeying are-stumbling at-the word,
v9 With-reference-to which they-were also placed; but YOU-(are) (a) chosen race, (a) kingly priesthood, (a) holy nation, (a) people with-reference-to possession, in-which-case YOU-might-declare the virtues of-the (one) having-called YOU out-of darkness with-reference-to his marvellous light;
And God said  Let their be Light.

Forever! Went the shout.

Must - do - sacrifices - forever!  Need - temple - to - worship - God - -

s - o - s

ON the OTHER hand, Light is Revealing.

Revelation 21

v1 And I-saw (a) new-quality heaven and (a) new-quality earth; for the first heaven and the first earth went-away, and the sea is not still (existing?).
v2 And the city, namely-the holy, new-quality Jerusalem, I-saw descending out-of the heaven from the God, having-been-and-still-prepared as (a) bride having-been-and-still-put-in-order for her husband.
v3 And I-heard (a) great voice out-of the throne saying: Behold the tabernacle of-the God (is) with the MEN, and he-will-tabernacle with them, and they themselves-will-be his peoples, and the God himself will-be with them, their God.


v10 And he-brought me off in spirit upon (a) great and high mountain, and he pointed to-me the city namely-the holy Jerusalem descending out-of the heaven from the God,

and I read in Revelation 21:22
v22 And I-saw not (a) sanctuary in it: for the Lord the God the Almighty is its sanctuary, and the lamb


IN summary, we learned that a third temple (possibly) or a Tabernacle may be erected in Israel.

There will be a great falling away.  Many will be deceived.

IN the end, God wipes it all off the map with New Jerusalem.

And Forever ends.

But already:

Hebrews 7: v12

For (the arrangement) of-the priestly-office being-transferred out-of necessity (a) transfer is-coming-to-pass of-law.

It is finished.

v27 Who is not having necessity according-to (a) day, as-altogether the chief-priests, formerly in-behalf-of (their) own sins to-be-bringing-up sacrifices, thereafter of-the (sins) of-the people; for this (thing) he-did all-at-once having-brought-up himself.

Hebrews 8:13

In saying new-quality he-has-made the first (covenant) old-and-it-is-still-old; but the (thing) being-made-old and growing-aged (is) near of-vanishing.

To sum up tonight's Bible study and the book of Hebrews:

It is finished. Forever

In the body of Messiah, the believer is already in unity with YHVH - echad.

Thus in Messiah Jesus, we are already there, Standing on the promises of God in the Holy of Holies.

For His lovingkindness endures forever.



Will it take 1000 years of instruction for some to hear the love? 

I've always attributed that Christ ruled with a Rod of Iron to the idea that there would be sinners in the world during the Millennium. 

After last night's bible study, I wonder if the Rod will ALSO (primarily? only?) be used to correct His children, Israel.

 AND  ---or as I am gleaning ---OR,

Will Yeshua's ROD be for correcting those in the Messy-Antic assembly that say

"There is no "New" covenant, only a "Renewed" covenant"

Is this ROD for those that put Yeshua in Joseph's pit?

Will it take them 1000 years of correction to learn  "Yeshua is YHVH!" ?

Scripture reveals that YHVH chastises those that he loves....Heb. 12:5

But certainly, others on the outside: Rev. 22:v15 Without (are) the dogs and the (ones) using-drugs and the male-prostitutes and the murderers and the idolaters and every (one) loving and making (a) lie.



Tonight's other Glean: another question

Revelation 21v2 And the city, namely-the holy, new-quality Jerusalem, I-saw descending out-of the heaven from the God,

Revelation 21v10 And he-brought me off in spirit upon (a) great and high mountain, and he pointed to-me the city namely-the holy Jerusalem descending out-of the heaven from the God,


Are/were there two Jerusalems in Heaven or does it descend twice?



Note: I'll likely come back and update this page with scripture and references later.


Copyright 2012 Nelson Moore