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Wed. night Bible study draft notes 12/12/12

Talkin' 'bout Hanukkah.  An interesting story about Hanukkah tonight.


That Veil was Rent:  Let The Light Shine



Tonight was free knife night.  Everyone that came to bible study was offered a free knife.

Let there be Light.

If you pressed the Victorinox cross emblem on a couple of the knives, a red light turns on.

The Menorah in the Sanctuary, and the Chanukia of Chanuka, point to Jesus' sacrifice on the Cross of Calvary.

At the feast of Dedication (Chanukah), Jesus said he was the Light of the world.

John 8:12  Again therefore the Jesus spoke to-them, saying, I myself-am the light of-the world; the (one) following me will by-no-means walk-around in the darkness, BUT he-will-have the light of-the life.


Jesus said he was ONE with the Father.  John 17:11

John 10v30 I and the Father are one


Jesus/Yeshua/The Father - cannot lie.

Hebrews 6:v18 In-order-that through two unchangeable things, in which (it-is) impossible (for) God to-lie, we-might-be-having strong comfort, the (ones) having-fled-for-refuge to-retain of-the hope lying-before (us);

Note this passage is leading into and explaining the fact that Jesus is (NOW) in/after the order of Melchizedek

Hebrews 7v21 On-the-other-hand the (one) with taking-an-oath through the (one) saying-to him: Jehovah swore, and he-will not regret (it), you (are a) priest with-reference-to the age according-to the arrangement of-Melchisedec.

and this ties into last week's bible study

IF you say Jesus/Yeshua is not yet according to the arrangement of Melchisedec, then YOU call God a liar.







So then Jesus(Yeshua) is YHVH.

Whom do you say that Jesus is?


Within all this, we may see the pre-existence of Chanukah in the Tanakh if we choose to see it.



Someone said that everything in the New Testament is in the Old Testament.

so in testing this

When somebody says Hanukkah is ONLY mentioned in the New Testament

It is scratch the head time.


So then YESHUA is the Light of the World,

and he is the same Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

so then the festival of Light goes way back

BUT missing this is LIGHT is likely if you intentionally corrupt your vision with a veil.


Here is an explanation of Hanukkah that parallels tonight's bible study, but in a much more concise manner.

The Festival of Chanukah, Dedicated against Assimilation, by John J. Parsons

and I think even better in:

Let Your Light Shine: Why Christians should Celebrate Chanukah  By John J. Parsons.

AS we heard at bible study, Parsons confirms that Rabbinical Judaism extolls the myth of 8 days of oil over the fighting might given the Maccabees.  At bible study, we heard another myth about the restoration of the Shekinah to the Temple being the overlooked key point of Hannukah.  Parsons correctly places the focus on the true Light, Yehsua/Jesus.

Regarding seeing Chanukah in the Tanakh:

the Talmud's statements (recorded centuries after the Maccabean rebellion focus on the miracle of the oil rather than on the merits of the Maccabean resistance. Later rabbinical tradition sought to find Chanukah alluded to in the text of the Torah itself. First, the 25th word of the Torah is אוֹר; as in ;Let there be light, and this suggested Kislev 25, and second, immediately after the various festivals (moedim) of the Jewish year are enumerated in Leviticus 23, the commandment to bring clear oil from hand-crushed olives to keep the menorah burning constantly is given, and this was claimed to foretell the miracle of Chanukah.

Years after the Maccabean revolt, Yeshua celebrated Chanukah in the same Temple that had been cleansed and rededicated only a few generations earlier John 10:22. It was here that many asked if He were the coming Messiah - harkening back to the liberation of the earlier Maccabees: How long will you keep us in suspense? If you are the Messiah, tell us plainly


Yeshua had just a little before this time told them that he was teh Light of the World - John 8:1-12.


His response to their request now was to say "I told you, but you do not believe" John 10:25.



So then Jesus(Yeshua) is YHVH.

Calvary's Cross - A tree of life to those...

and also note the traditional Jewish teachings regarding the relationship of

Tree of Morah

Tree of Life

Garden of Eden



Mt. Moriah

the Akedah

The Lampstand in the Temple/Tabernacle (not a Chanukia - not 9 lights - at the time the Maccabees lit it for 8 days)

and so forth

Here is a good read on the Tree of Life

So then Jesus(Yeshua) is YHVH.


But many are called, but few are chosen.  Few believe...


"The cleansing of the Temple is a matter of the heart."



Also tonight, it was wisely pointed out that the Christian church is not "lawless".


Whom do you say that Jesus is?

Many say that Jesus is Yeshua.

Some of this group say that Yeshua is YHVH.

Many in this group are just saying this.  That is, it is just lip service.  They don't really trust that Jesus/Yeshua is YHVH.

That is, they don't really believe it was YHVH that sacrificed Himself for our sins.

Instead, they say that sacrifice was not enough.

They say that Jesus still has to do more.


YHVH said, "It is finished."


This group says the veil is not rent.  In fact, they vainly place a veil in front of the ark to physically block their view of the Word.


The Word is Yeshua.  John 1:1, 14


This group that having tasted the waters of Yeshua/Salvation, deny the significance of the sacrifice of YHVH, are potentially worse off than before.  If YHVH's lovingkindness were not forever, it would not be "potentially".


I think this error is connected to a belief that Yeshua is a lessor YHVH.

At any rate, confessing with the lips is not enough, you have to trust in your heart that Yehsua is YHVH.


So then we have a definition of Anti-Christ.  Jesus said anti-christ was the ones denying the Father AND the SON.


Why is it we say "Anti-Christ" here and not "Anti-Messiah"?

Jesus is THE Messiah, and Rabbinical Judaism is SPECIFICALLY anti-Messiah Jesus/Yeshua.

So the Rabbinical/traditional Judaism IS ANTI-CHRIST.


BUT not necessarily THE Anti-Christ.  Note ISLAM is potentially THE Anti-Christ, but that the Roman Catholic Church does not deny the Father AND the Son, so they are NOT (a) Anti-Christ.

Note also the Lawless (one) is different (greek text) than "Anti-Christ".


Yeshua is a the Stone of stumbling to this group.

"I and the Father are ONE"

Jesus is the Cornerstone the builders rejected.

"Stone" in Hebrew is a combination of the Hebrew words for "Father " and "Son".

This is the Echad of Man and Wife, Messiah and Assembly seen in Eph 5:30-32, Genesis 2:24


IF you separate yourself from Yeshua with a veil you are not @ Echad with YHVH.

Again, we may see if we choose to see.

Mostly this stumbling now is as the stumbling then: Vanity.  For if the veil is rent, we don't need Rabbinical Judaism.

And the veil is rent, and we don't need Rabbinical Judaism.

A little leaven leavened the whole lump.

And that is why

No man knows the day nor hour. (because the body is not even in unity with itself.  It is "out of balance"


And so:

In Matthew 25 Jesus explains that ALL TEN VIRGINS were ASLEEP AND SLUMBERING when the bridegroom came.  The Bridegroom came at midnight. ("Like a thief. - In the night.")

Those 5 virgins that HAD lampstands LACKED OIL.  They were cast out.


So why worry about the day and hour of Jesus' return?  The body is not in unity, so it cannot walk forward.  So we slumber and sleep until Jesus comes and calls for us.  The tares (five virgins without oil?) are cast out.


What happens to seed in a seed press?  =got oil?


Oil = the Holy Spirit?

Worship God in Spirit.  Not with actual animal sacrifice and offering, but as someone said:


We should pray more.





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