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Other News 2012



Obama Seizing Sole Authority for US Defense  (brietbart) Dec 31, 2012
Obama to bypass Constitution





An Messianic/Christian Israeli friend tells me that Israel is about 80% atheist.

Ezk. 37 is only partially fulfilled. 

MK Ben Ari rips up New Testament  (daily mail) July 18, 2012

They still need to be taught whom YHVH is:

Yeshua is YHVH.



Jazz Shofar?



DNA of Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza to be examined for 'evil' gene (daily mail) dec28

Pot examines Kettle's composition to determine the fault of the kettle's blackness.



Sheriff Arpaio sending armed posse to protect schools (azfamily) dec28

The Posse has potential to fight off the Feinstein/JObama Horror Show

Feinstein's statement to the press Dec 17 2012:

I have been working with my staff for over a year on this legislation,Feinstein added.

This proves this gun-grab was designed prior to the Sandy Hook school shooting, and that the shooting was used as an excuse (that is, the shooting was needed) to bring out the legislation.

ah!; motive.


This probably best sums up Feinstein's "thinking":

"...exempting antique, manually-operated, and permanently disabled weapons."
still calling it a weapon!

And this shows that this is but a stepping stone towards a total gun ban.


And as the USA can't afford to control all the soon to be felons,

it seems likely that The UN Small Arms Treaty will supply enforcement.


It's crazy: Take away weapons (small arms) from law abiding USA citizens

and give weapons (RPGs, Missiles, Jets)  to Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood. or any other islamic terrorist group.



Wed. Night Bible Study notes:  *Edits Jan1,2, 2013


And on the note of bringing out your dead,

It seems possible that the local Christian assemblies are discerning that Christmas isn't Christian.

I note that Jonah was upset when Nineveh repented.



Tonight we watched a movie, and it was excellent.

"A Masada Mystery", put out by World Net Daily (WND)

It correctly pointed out that after 70AD Judaism became a Pharisaic Rabbinical Judaism that wrongly thinks keeping Mitzzvot - commandments, i.e. works, will justify them of/from their sin.

 *Well, wait a minute....sins were forgiven before the cross.  Jesus told certain individuals that their sins were forgiven.  For how long? Forever?  In Hebrews we learn that the Law (Yom Kippur, sacrifices) were only good for the year, but Jesus' sacrifice on the Cross was propitiation forever of sins.  There is no going backward to the Law of Sinai.


Tonight's key scripture was 1Thessalonians 4, although I don't think it was mentioned.  (This phenomena is related to "A man shall cleave unto his wife, and the two shall be one/echad.  i.e., just because SHE ignores HIM, HE is not diminished.  HE still cleaves to her, and so SHE is ok.  Just because a certain Word was not mentioned does not remove the Word from our presence. [note the man cleaves to His wife.  Not "they cleave to each other" or "the wife cleaves to the man". We know from Eph. ch5 that the man is Messiah Jesus and that the woman is the assembly/church.] Thus we also see (thankfully) that His lovingkindness endures forever, and that we are sanctified/made-holy in and by the blood of Jesus, and NOT by our works of keeping commandments.)  * THAT IS, Yeshua sanctifies His echad (at one with him) assembly because HE cleaves to us - the members of the body of Messiah. ---Who can find a Woman of valor?  Not Solomon: Solomon could not find this woman in a thousand women (that's what he was looking for), but a greater than Solomon is here: Yeshua/Jesus has "found" a woman of valor (Prov. 31:10 - the blessing the husband says over the wife at each Shabbat.)


Another Key Point is knowing where and what and whom the Sanctuary of God is. 

And the Key Point, that the Home of God is the Sanctuary of God.



Regarding Ezk. 37 - "Dry Bones" - these same bones must then put on their same appearing flesh.  Thus the Greek "IESOU" is correct (pronounced "Yaysu" or perhpas "yaysow"). 

WE see in this God's lovingkindess:  Just because they can't say "shiboleth", God will allow "siboleth". (Judges 12:6)

That is, the Jew named "Mike", that is of a certain tribe of Israel that had a speech impediment, will be resurrected as - the SAME Jew named "Mike".  Mike will be Mike. He still won't be able to physically say "shibboleth".

(to understand this and it's significance, we have to understand 1Thess.4)


 Thus also, the Greek inspiration is proved in that WE KNOW that if Mike says " Kurion Yaysoo Christou" or even if he translates into English as "Jehovah Jesus Christ" or "YHVH Yaysoo Messiah" or "Yahweh Yeshua Messiah" - it is all correct.  Even if he says it in Chinese....

 The only question you MIGHT propose is this:


Is the Spirit telling us we must literally speak this sentence in Greek?* [No.]


Does this mean that ONLY "IESOU" will be allowed to perform the commandment of Philippians 2:10-11?

v10 In-order-that in the name of-Jesus every knee might-bend of-(those)-in-(the)-heavenly and of-(those)-earthly and of-(those)-subterranean,
v11 And every tongue might-acknowledge that Jesus Messiah (is) Jehovah with-reference-to glory of-God (the) Father,


"Jesus" is from the Greek (transliterated) IESOU in verse 10 and "IESOUS" in vs 11.  It is the same word, just different due to the sentence structure, or so I've read. It is pronounced "Yaysoo"

OR then again, is the Spirit telling us we must literally speak this sentence in Greek?  And the answer lies in the Hebrew roots study.   That the Hebrew form for Jesus - Yeshua - is in the the Tanach some 141 times proves that His Hebrew name is Yeshua.


And, again, the Hebrew letter samech, used in "sibboleth" instead of the Hebrew letter shin that is used in "shibboleth" shows that the Greek text of the New Testament is the inspired word of God. How?

Because we are told that YHVH's lovingkindness endures forever.  And if it did not, then those that could not say the "sh" in "shibboleth" would neither be able to say the "sh" in Yehsua, and if they were required to say "Yeshua"  in Philippians 2:11 and could not,  then God's lovingkindness would not endure.  But HE provides a way for them to say his name too!  The Greek has no "sh" sound.  So HE doesn't require it to be sounded.  See?  IF the New Testament was "originally" written in Hebrew, Phil. 2:11 would require "Yehsua" to be said, and that resurrected tribe of Israel that cannot make the "sh" sound would have no hope.  So God gives hope to ALL with the Greek, and with this understanding (common sense, really) we see that God created all languages at Babel and that His lovingkindness extends beyond the Hebrew language. 


AND BONUS - thus the debate over Greek or Hebrew primacy in the New Testament is ended.  To the Jew first (Old Testament in Hebrew) and to the Greek (New Testament Greek).


My point is to show that the Holy Spirit has shown that it is correct to say Yaysoo, Jesus, Yeshua (no "sh" in Greek).  I mention this because often in the Messy-antic assembly you will hear it said that "Jesus" isn't the correct name, or that it is   *(represents) a different being than the visible image of YHVH. 


I am convinced that when "Hebrew roots" becomes a worship of Judaism you  *also have your "another Jesus" 


One way that you will know you are "there" (at another Jesus) is when you hear yourself say that Yehsua/Jesus isn't King yet, and that David has to make/allow him to be king before HE can be king.  Rather ridiculous, but the love of Rabbinical or Levitical Judaism leads some to this.  That love is your "another Jesus".


Was he Talmud was just Rabbinical Judaism's "another Jesus"?  Is Rabbinical (or any other) Judaism anti-Christ?  Do they deny the Father AND the Son?  That is, do they deny that Jesus is the Father?  *YES, but:


Like the movie states:  even if they are wrong, God is using Israel/Jews to show the world HE exists.  *(and as Romans explains if their offence is salvation to Gentiles, HOW MUCH MORE THEIR FULLNESS!  And that is a tough nut to crack - but we don't have to crack it, just accept it as a God-given fact.


Yeshua IS King of Kings.  There will HAVE to be OTHER kings for Yeshua to be KING of kings.  Otherwise it would have said "King of not-kings".


Again, I'm not worried about the Christians that are not celebrating Christ-mass.


and so I'll pick this up at the King of kings.







BRING OUT YOUR DEAD:  (hope of israel) dec25

 A.K.A. Merry Christmas


Human Rights Watch: Gaza Commits War Crimes (israel national news) dec24


Made in China. (oregon live) dec24

"Many of them are Falun Gong practitioners, who are totally innocent people only because they have different believe to CCPG. They often suffer more punishment than others."

Falun Gong
The main symbol of the practice is the Falun (Dharma wheel, or Dharmacakra in Sanskrit)
It is conceptualized by an emblem consisting of one large and four small Swastika symbols, representing the Buddha, and four small Taiji (yin-yang) symbols of the Daoist tradition

In the cultural context of China, Falun Gong is generally described either as a system of qigong, or a type of "cultivation practice" (xiulian). Cultivation is a Chinese term that describes the process by which an individual seeks spiritual perfection, often through both physical and moral conditioning.


Everything gets so twisted around.


IN the book Judaism in Stone, The Archaeology of Ancient Synagogues, by Hershel Shanks, pp 136:

A photograph of a swastika mosaic from the earlier synagogue at Ein-Gedi.


From the Book of Jubilees, translated by R Charlse, Chapter 10 verse13:

"And Noah wrote down all things in a book as we [angels] instructed him concerning every kind of medicine.  Thus the evil spirits were precluded from (hurting) the sons of Noah."


The History of the Swastika

Now, I'm not suggesting that the use of the Swastika is good.  I'm not saying that is was a good thing for it to be on the floor of the Ein Gedi Synagogue.  On the other hand, just because the Roman Catholic Church and pagans before them corrupted the message of the symbol of the Cross, it does not make the symbol of the Cross a bad thing.  After God made the constellation of the Southern Cross, "and God saw that it was good" Gen. 1:18.

Then there is a star symbol to contemplate: Amos 5:28  Acts 7:43



First Wave of Indian Jewish Tribe Arrive in Israel (israel national news) dec24
Bnei Menashe
God gathering Israel.


Colorado: National Gun Ban Advocates Seek to Make Colorado Their Top Priority for the 2013 Session (NRA ILA)dec24


DID JESUS COME TO BE THE MESSIAH?A Response to John Hagee’s new book, In Defense of Israel by Michael L. Brown, Ph.D. (true light ministries)



Directory of Messianic Ministries in Israel

Directory of Messianic Congregations in Israel



He was Born to Die (Hebrew for Christians)

the Jewish custom is to commemorate the anniversary of a person's death (Yahrzeit: יארצייט) and not the date of his or her birth.



Op-Ed: EXPOSÉ: Is the Vatican the Palestinian Arab Spokesman? (israel national news) Dec 21


Pope pardons ex-butler who stole, leaked documents  (usa today) Dec 22

Their main aim appeared to be to discredit Benedict's trusted No. 2, the secretary of state, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone.
need to read: Petrus Romanus


Holder: executive actions to be considered on gun violence (reuters) Dec 19


Gun Control, Thought Control, People Control  (sultan knish) Dec 19

If you want to fake being a member of the left on any topic and in any setting, master this simple phrase. "But we have to look at the root causes to see who is really responsible." Congratulations, you can now get by anywhere from Caracas to Brussels to Berkeley.

 even better:
Gun Control and the Gun Control Culture  (daniel greenfield) Dec 19
What liberals think of as gun culture is really shorthand for rural America. It's what liberals won't say, but it's what they mean.

Talking about gun culture not only allows the left to publicly vent its hatred for America, gun control, like racism, is another way that the left teaches Americans to hate America.



what the nations won't do to Syria, they may do to Israel


the gathering of Nations continues

Russia Sends Military Destroyer to Iran (israel national news) Dec 20
rumor: they have a missile we can't stop



UN Adopts 9 Resolutions on Israel, 0 on Syria (jewish press) Dec 20

The UN General Assembly on Tuesday adopted nine resolutions on Palestinian rights and the Golan, sharply criticizing Israel, yet making no mention of Sunday’s massacre of Palestinians by Syrian warplanes firing missiles into a mosque in a Palestinian refugee camp near Damascus. Nor did the texts mention the tens of thousands of Palestinians who continue to flee the camp, UN Watch reported.
remember the pope wants to head a one world government via the UN 12/12/12



Tens of Thousands of Judea and Samaria Hamas Loyalists Have Launched the Third Intifada (jewish press) Dec 20


Report: Morsi Suffering From Brain Tumor (israel national news) Dec 20



Netanyahu Expelling Hebron Jews from their Homes  (jewishpress) Dec 18


Egypt Democratically Adopts an Anti-Western Dictatorship (jewishpress) Dec 18

Associated Press Story: Believe It or Not Mass Killings Are Not on the Rise, They Are on the Decline (theblaze) Dec 18



Bus Firebombed in Samaria (israel national news) Dec 16
A group of Palestinian Authority residents attacked an Israeli bus on Sunday in Samaria, YeshaNews reports. The group hurled firebombs at the bus, but thankfully did not cause injury.
The attack took place near Huwara, south of Shechem.

Firebomb Attack near Shechem (Nablus)  (israel national news) Dec 16

Palestinian Authority residents threw three firebombs at IDF soldiers early Sunday morning. The attack took place near Shechem (Nablus).

None of the soldiers targeted were hurt.


Israeli Bus Attacked in Hevron  (israel national news) Dec 16

Arab residents of Hevron hurled stones at an Israeli bus Sunday, smashing its windshield, YeshaNews reports. The attack occurred near the Tomb of the Patriarchs (Maarat Hamachpelah).
No injuries were reported.





on average (worldly), a pomegranate has 613 seeds.

your (regional) average pomegranate does not have 613 seeds.

Exodus 28:33 And upon the skirts of it thou shalt make pomegranates of blue, and of purple, and of scarlet, round about the skirts thereof; and bells of gold between them round about:

v34 a golden bell and a pomegranate, a golden bell and a pomegranate, upon the skirts of the robe round about.

-from The Law Prophesied, pp84,85, by R.H.Mount





Sounds like Israel beat Hamas (ynet news) Dec 14

but not to death, unfortunately

"A quiet like we had over the past month hasn't happened in 20 years,"

"Their jubilation was not from victory, it was from their relief at being able to emerge from shelters,"

Possessing the land by force - is God's will, and it will work.



Obama picks John Kerry for Secretary of State. Dec15

can you tell the difference?




IN the USA, Millions Murdered via ABORTION.

The resulting mindset does not value life.

Hence part of the reason for school shootings.



FEDS: 785,000 abortions in year... (la times) Nov 22

and that reflects a 5% decline

785,000/50 states = 17,500

17,500/365 days = 43+

43+ abortions per day per state in the USA.

BAN DOCTORS NOW! (unless these babies all go to heaven....)

"life" does not begin at conception - God breathed LIVES into ADAM -Genesis 2:7

so then these beings are containing the breath of life, even if not alive breathing on their own in our vain sense


4D scans show fetuses yawn in the womb (yahoo) Nov 22



Part of the reason for the recent shootings:


Gun running Fast and Furious at the border, Benghazi,

Let's leave Walmart alone for now. Too difficult.

Knife-wielding man injures 22 children in China (courant.com) Dec 14
some similarities to the Obama Factor,

But for the most part, evil is progressing worse and worse

as foretold in the Bible.

As in the days of Noah.  We are not hearing anything about demon possession, except from the Roman Catholic Church.



The mega rich want guns banned. 

And they want everyone to be dependant upon them.

For more on the matter of control,

Guns,Guns,Guns   (sultan knish) Dec 15

China, an enemy, of course, want USA guns banned  (rendezvous) Dec 15


US Troops in Turkey with Patriot Missiles

and US troops back in Iraq Dec 14


TSA's Grip on Internal Travel is Tightening (dollar vigilante) Dec 14


UN is going to control and TAX Internet (weekly standard) Dec 13


Wed. night Bible study draft notes 12/12/12

Remember that God is a Spirit.  Remember to worship God in Spirit.


That Veil was Rent:  Let The Light Shine


The Light of the World.  The true miracle of Hanukkah.

(It is Yeshua YHVH that Tabernacles with men. HE Tabernacles, not SHE.

So a female Shekinah did not Tabernacle on earth. (?)  See "The Cloud of Jehovah's Presence")

YHVH (we think of Jesus, but that "body" was not yet created) was seen on the mercy seat:  The Cloud of His Presence was - - also? seen there?  Note the people "saw the thunderings" of the Glory cloud.

Mark 9:7 - A voice came out of the cloud

Note more clouds - 1Thess. 4:17 caught up in the clouds

The Sanctuary of the Temple is God's Home.  Fact 7, pp6, "Discourse 1- A Confused Church

more later on this here. For now, note that Jesus referred to his body as the sanctuary. 

The Sanctuary = naos  The Temple = heiron

The Greek word "sanctuary", naos,  is equated to "home" by the Holy Spirit.

In Jesus dwells all the fullness of the Godhead.

Jesus said "I and the Father are ONE".  Echad.


Jesus' body then is God's Home. 

God the Father was not in Herod's temple.  Note that Josephus says the Holy of Holies (the sanctuary-naos of the temple-hieron, was empty.

(Josephus, The Wars of the Jews, Book 5, ch 5 A Description of the Temple, vs5)

"But the innermost part of the temple of all was twenty cubits.  This was also separated from the outer part by a veil. In this there was nothing at all.

It was inaccessible and inviolable, and not to be seen by any;  and was called the holy of Holies"


This is why is is wrong to say "you should face the east to pray".

This is why it is wrong to say "you should not face the east to pray".

Perhaps these views represent being (straying) on the right and left of the straight and narrow way.

If you are still drinking milk and playing games with the Word and the Veil, this won't make sense to you. That's probably ok.  Be anxious for no thing.

anyway, Wed. night Bible study, or rather Bible study, can lead past Wed. night.  If you follow.

[Update 7/15/2013 It should be noted, briefly, that the Sanctuary of God is seen as "moving" in scripture to 4 different places

1.The Tabernacle's Naos

2. The Naos of the Temple

3. Yeshua/Jesus

4. Believers in Yeshua

Eventually, in New Jerusalem, there will not be a sactuary - physical? for it will be the Father and the Son.] end update


Talkin' 'bout Hanukkah.  An interesting story about Hanukkah tonight. Unfortunately Jesus was mostly missing from the dialog..


Tonight was free knife night.  Everyone that came to bible study was offered a free knife.


Happy Chanukah!

a good read on the Tree of Life (the-branch.org)

Chanukah ties to Shabbat, the Cross, etc. etc.

For those that think the "sisterhood" (a woman of valor) is a physical, female thingy....

an interesting view, but let's keep in mind the use of the masculine pronouns HIM, HE

John 14:26 "he shall teach you all things"

John 15:26 "he shall bear witness to me"

which is still all in line with

Gen 1:27 So God created man in his [own] image (singular image), in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

I have heard a teaching on this - that Adam was created both male and female....


And of course, remember what Paul - by the Holy Spirit (Wisdom...SHE) wrote @ Ephesians ch.5

v21 Subjecting-yourselves to-one-another in fear of Messiah.
The wives to their own husbands as to-the Lord,
Because (a) husband is head of-the wife as also the Messiah (is) head of-the assembly, himself Savior of-the body.

Because we-are members of his body.

Instead-of this (a) MAN shall-leave-behind the father and the mother and he-shall-be-very-united to his wife and the two shall-be with-reference-to flesh, one.
This mystery is great, but I-myself am-saying with-reference-to Messiah and with-reference-to the assembly.




What's up?

Maybe Not North.Korea's Satellite. (nbc news) Dec 12




The Roman Catholic Church was/is the 7th World Power.

Islam is the 8th World Power.

But the 7th will sort-of "join" with the 8th for a bit.


Pope calls for One World Government (forbes) 12/12/12

"The idea is that we ought to move to something like a beefed up United Nations. A supra-national body"

The American Conservative's viewpoint

Sure, the Vatican is Bat Shit Crazy. Power corrupts.  BSC doesn't mean it won't happen. Witness Obama elected again.

Heard: last year the Vatican called for a World Bank of some sort.




- from Discourse 8, Bible Translation ---The Serpent's Playground, by R.H.Mount



 Report: Obama to Talk to Iran, Leave Israel in the Cold  (israel national news) Dec 11
no surprise here


Obama to start sending US F-16 fighter jets to Egypt – on Israel’s election-day (debka) Dec 11
Obama sets up a moo-slim caliphate.  Or tries.

Obama began laying the background for his strong alignment with Islamist Egypt last month with the dramatic announcement of a ceasefire in Cairo on Nov. 20, that was delivered jointly by Morsi and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
By this announcement – and by maneuvering Israel into abstaining from a ground operation in the Gaza Strip to complete its air operation against Palestinian terrorist targets – Obama pulled the Egyptian president out of his hat as a fully-fledged international figure ready to jump to the top of his newly-minted Sunni Muslim Middle East coalition. In addition to Egypt, its chosen members were to be Turkey, Qatar and the Palestinian Hamas. Israel was to be a secret partner and contributor of high-grade intelligence.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was ready to fit into the role cast Israel by the US president. He therefore chose to hold back from a ground incursion in the Gaza Strip and then agreed to the radical Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal visiting Gaza last week.

AND for his participation, Netanyahu got some bombs this week.





(revive ministries)

So at approximately the same period in history, the name YHVH stopped being used and was replaced by Adonai in Hebrew and Kurios in Greek. By the time of Yeshua, there is no YHVH in use, but only Adonai and Kurios. All of the citations of YHVH in the Septuagint and New Covenant translate YHVH to Kurios. Kurios means Adonai and YHVH.

Amazingly, in the New Covenant, Yeshua is referred to as Kurios. This is more than to call Him, "Lord." This is to call Him Adonai. It is a bold and unavoidable declaration of His divinity. Yeshua is Kurios-Adonai.


Meet the Christian Zionists   (israel hayom) Aug 17


Archbishop of Canterbury, Right Reverend, Justin Welby's father was Jewish.



What comes first – a Syrian chemical attack or a US-led military showdown?   (debka) Dec 9, 2012
Syrian violence threatens to terrorize world (wnd) Dec 8


Law of Moses & the Law of Messiah (ARIEL MINISTRIES) Sept 26, 2011
"it could be said that the average American messianic believer concurs with a partial keeping of the Law, while the average Israeli believer concurs with the keeping of all of it, excluding those parts dealing with the Temple and its functions. But regardless of the extent, the dilemma is the same: to what extent is the messianic believer to keep the Law of Moses?"




The World's Greatest Library

David L. Cooper

Take your time.



Mayan Popcorn Day Comes (telegraph) Dec 8

Children of the Sadly Superstitious trending Suicidal.

AS with Y2K, the only concern is what EVIL MAN will do on this day to take advantage of the HYPE.

To paraphrase (make commentary) on a modern day Mayan monks comment: "I'll be eating popcorn", that is, "watching the world go by"



US conducts limited nuclear test (times of india) Dec 7

on Pearl Harbor Day, blowing smoke at Iran?  Israel? Damascus?


Religious Apartheid: Islamic Terror Group Slaughters Christians in Nigeria (breitbart) Dec 6


The Deadly Israeli House (front page magazine) Dec 5

Egypt’s Highest Islamic Authority Throws Morsi Under the Bus (daniiel greenberg) Dec 6





Dec. 5, 2012

Wed. night bible study notes
No bible study. We watch another movie instead.
One of the key points tonight was that Forever means Forever.
Heb 7:21 ASV 1901 (For those priests were made without an oath; but this with an oath by him that said unto him,

 The Lord sware and will not repent, Thou [art] a priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec:)

This then defines Yeshua as Melchizedek AND defines that Yeshua has ALWAYS been Melchizedek
at the moment He becomes such, FOREVER, THEN He has ALWAYS been

 the Righteous KING and High PRIEST. Yeshua doesn't

have to wait for the Jews to build the

Temple to become KING.

Yeshua has been King


And YHVH Said:

It is finished.



moore bible study


Will it take 1000 years of instruction for some to hear the love? 

I've always attributed that Christ ruled with a Rod of Iron to the idea that there would be sinners in the world during the Millennium. 

After last night's bible study, I wonder if the Rod will ALSO (primarily? only?) be used to correct His children, Israel.

 AND  ---or as I am gleaning ---OR,

Will Yeshua's ROD be for correcting those in the Messy-Antic assembly that say

"There is no "New" covenant, only a "Renewed" covenant"

Is this ROD for those that put Yeshua in Joseph's pit?

Will it take them 1000 years of correction to learn  "Yeshua is YHVH!" ?

Scripture reveals that YHVH chastises those that he loves....Heb. 12:5


Tonight's other Glean: another question

Revelation 21v2 And the city, namely-the holy, new-quality Jerusalem, I-saw descending out-of the heaven from the God,

Revelation 21v10 And he-brought me off in spirit upon (a) great and high mountain, and he pointed to-me the city namely-the holy Jerusalem descending out-of the heaven from the God,


Are/were there two Jerusalems in Heaven or does it descend twice?




Syria loading Sarin compound into bombs (nbc news) Dec 5

 The U.N. withdrew its personnel from Damascus


Assad considering political asylum in Latin America if toppled: report (alarabiya.net) Dec 5

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon hinted that he would not favor an asylum deal for Assad as a way to end the country’s civil war.
The UN wants Assad to use - or lose - his chemical weapons.

? This would be the chemical-biological weapons of mass destruction that the USA supplied Saddam Hussein with in around the 1980s.  Saddam got them into Syria before the USA got him.  Thus the CONCERN of the USA and Israel (Israel knows the USA supplied these weapons because of J. Pollard) The CONCERN is real.  The only way to thwart this threat, at this point, is apparently foretold in Isa. 17:1 ?  YIKES! 



Morsi runs away from palace mob Dec 4


'Everyone in US under virtual surveillance' - NSA whistleblower (rt.com) Dec 4
Hi everyone!


you can't make pigs pretty.



muslim immigrant bombs Arizona Social Security building (debbie schlussels) Dec 4

another religion of peace terrorist act not being reported on the mainstream news


Regarding  the Tithe

as usually taught, puts the Christian under a law

But the tithe was to support the Levites in the operation of the Theocracy of the time (Sinai).

  "It is finished" in the order of Melchizedek (with Jesus' work on the cross.)

An aside note:  Levi paid tithes to Melchizedek Heb 7:9-10, through Abraham.  As heirs to the promises to Abraham, we inherit no debt:  Thus also through Abraham, we also paid tithes to Melchizedek.

We are told to minister to the saints - the body of Messiah - in Israel.  1 Corinthians 16:1-2,   2Cor 9:1

We give with joy (not with a necessary percentage) 2 Cor.9:7

God is not done with Israel  - Messianic Jewish Israel Fund

what many do not realize is that a great deal of their donations have been channeled into the hands of organizations that actively oppose the spread of the Gospel in Israel and whose members are responsible for some of the persecution that is being inflicted upon Israeli believers.

Directory of Messianic Ministries in Israel



Special Briefing on Incitement in the Palestinian Authority  (Israel Prime Minister's Office) Dec 2

The Palestinians want to use the diplomatic process in order to bring about the end of the State of Israel. Going to the UN is part of this. The Palestinian Authority is waging a struggle over the very existence of the State of Israel. While we are prepared to recognize them, they deny our existence. We would have long since reached a solution if they had wanted it.



No More Tax Funds from Israel to PA (israel national news) Dec 2
unfortunately, they likely won't maintain this stance long


Expert: Israel Should Let the PA Collapse (israel national news) Dec 2



Jonathon Pollard is reportedly ill.  Once again he may be being used as a pawn,

hence the palestinian vote at the UN.



The Way Things Look  (The Golden Report) Dec 1

All those nations that voted for "Palestine" just brought God's judgment on them. Zech. 12: And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.


Vatican hails U.N. Palestine vote, wants guarantees for Jerusalem (chicago tribune) Dec 1
The Vatican's re-stating of its position on Jerusalem, which has remained mostly dormant for years, was bound to irk Israel, which says there is no need for an international status for Jerusalem because those guarantees already exist.

ICC Examining 'Legal Implications' of PA Statehood Bid (israel national news) Nov 30
Palestinian Authority leaders threatened this week they would petition the ICC if an investigation finds proof that late PLO head Yasser Arafat was poisoned.

 the PA investigation points to a plan to frame Israel for Arafat’s death.
Quite the beast, the Vatican.


on Netanyahu’s and Liberman’s watch.”
Into the Fray: Israel’s infuriating impotence (jerusalem post) Nov 30
defining Netanyahu's side

"Bizarre huh? There are dark days ahead, very dark."




Coors Light Dept.

North Korea may use secret UNICORN power to destroy the earth (the atlantic wire) Nov 30

Noting that NC has a nuclear arsenal.

(It's still nasty beer.)


Bradley Manning finally broke his silence yesterday   (independent) Nov 30

He's been in solitary confinement, and so it is very difficult to hear him scream.

not saying that wikileaks is all good, but Manning had a conscience.

Noting the USA has nukes.


Egypt Islamists (Muslim Brotherhood) "legislate" without opposition at night (ap) Nov 30

reading the article, shades of the future with the USA's democrat party antics are seen

Noting Egypt wants nukes.



Uganda's anti-gay bill won't contain death penalty (myfoxdc.com) Nov 30
Noting Uganda does not have nukes, or want them.

The image of Idi Amin is fading away, hopefully.


Should a Christian celebrate Chanukah?  (hebrew4christians.com)



UN Recognizes 'Palestine'  (israel national news) Nov 29

General Assembly Resolution for Limited Palestinian Statehood Lacks Legal Authority  (mythsandfacts.org) Nov 29
Article 10 of the UN Charter:
“The General Assembly may discuss any questions or any matters within the scope of the present Charter or relating to the powers and functions of any organs provided for in the present Charter, and, except as provided in Article 12, may make recommendations to the Members of the United Nations or to the Security Council or to both on any such questions or matters”.


Obama Considering Directly Arming Syrian Al Qaeda (daniel greenfield) Nov 29
U.S. Weighs Bolder Effort to Intervene in Syria’s Conflict (nytimes) Nov 29


Susan Rice's Enrichment Program (free beacon) Nov 29

 has investments in firms doing business in Iran




Isa 19:2 And I will stir up the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbor; city against city, [and] kingdom against kingdom.


Is Egypt about to become the new Iran? (telegraph) Nov 28

Morsi says: "God's will and the elections make me captain of this ship"

Bible says: "And I will give over the Egyptians into the hand of a cruel lord; and a fierce king shall rule over them, saith the Lord, Jehovah of hosts." Isaiah 19:4

and Eventually:

 "And Jehovah shall be known to Egypt, and the Egyptians shall know Jehovah in that day; yea, they shall worship with sacrifice and oblation, and shall vow a vow unto Jehovah, and shall perform it.
And Jehovah will smite Egypt, smiting and healing; and they shall return unto Jehovah, and he will be entreated of them, and will heal them."
Isaiah 19:21,22

Saudi King DEAD  (israel national news) Nov 28

the king's aides claimed he is in good health


The young voted Obama.  98% of Young Black women voted Obama (people-press) Nov 27
That the less informed, les experienced - stupid  - voted for Obama makes sense. This is expected.

And the 98% shows racism.  Racism is always stupid.  And this too is not unexpected.

Among all voters 30 and older, Obama ran behind Mitt Romney

Young voters are three times as likely as voters 65 and older to say they are not affiliated with a religious tradition; 19% of young voters say they have no religious affiliation, compared with just 6% of voters 65 and older.

Thus the fruits of the "no child left behind" doctrine.



Israeli Scientists Create Heart Pacemaker From Skin Cells (nocamels.com) Nov 26
The researchers believe that patients suffering from irregular or slow heart beats could be treated with an injection of new heart cells grown from stem cells to create a “biological pacemaker” that will regulate their heartbeat.

Yellow Water Lily May Hold Key For Cancer Treatment (nocamels.com) Nov 25
Recent research by Ben Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) in Israel has revealed that extracts from the yellow water-lily’s roots and leaves show promising results in improving chemotherapy treatment for cancer


Gimpel Heads Jewish Home's Anglo Campaign  (israel national news) Nov 26
Gimpel told Arutz Sheva that he is optimistic about his chances of becoming a Knesset member, with polls predicting a double-digit showing for the combined Bayit Yehudi / National Union list.


U.N. to Seek Control of the Internet  (weekly standard) Nov 26
Having the Internet rewired by bureaucrats would be like handing a Stradivarius to a gorilla.


Barak quits Israel politics.   (israel national news) Nov 26



Israel Successfully Test-Fires Magic Wand, Successor to Iron Dome Interceptor (ibtimes) Nov 26



Pope concedes Roman Catholic Church forged date of Jesus' birth (telegraph) Nov 21

Pope concedes Christmas is pagan (telegraph) Nov 20

The Pope is setting things up for a great falling away. 

Of note, now also there is talk in Israel about building the third temple.

Isaiah 9:10 comes to mind...although much has been done by a R.Cahn ("con"?) to deflect a connection with anything but America. 

Also note that Israel continues to build the Temple out of hewn stone instead of natural stone as God commanded. Beware the third Temple?

Remember that the lie will be good enough to deceive even the elect.  (If that were possible)




Ugandan president repents of personal, national sins (wnd) Nov 24
“Evil rules when evil men make the rules,”



The trap that Arik built (caroline glick) Nov 23

Deuteronomy 1:21 - Behold, the LORD thy God hath set the land before thee: go up [and] possess [it], as the LORD God of thy fathers hath said unto thee; fear not, neither be discouraged.
"Possess" is from the Hebrew יָרַשׁ yarash.
Gesenius's Lexicon: to take, take possession of, to occupy, especially by force.
Israel is commanded to possess-by-force the land God gave them. But it likely requires King David's leadership.


Israel spends about a week bombing Hamas in Gaza  Nov. 2012


Netanyahu caves to "pressure from Obama" and agrees to ceasefire (facebook) Nov 22


From the day the State of Israel was established, it has had to deal with complex challenges in the Middle East, and we can all see that these challenges have become even more complex in the last few years. Under these conditions we are required to navigate this ship, the State of Israel, wisely and responsibly while taking into account all considerations – military and political alike. This is what a responsible government does, and it is what we did here: we made use of our military might while applying political considerations.

Now, I realize that there are citizens who expect a harsher military action and we may very well need to do that. But at present, the right thing for the State of Israel is to exhaust this possibility of reaching a long-term cease-fire. As Prime Minister, I have the responsibility, and it is the highest responsibility, to make the right steps to ensure our security. That is what I have done and it is what I will continue to do.

bla bla bla...ok, actually way too superficial not to be meant as edgy.

With what did Obama threaten Netanyahu?

Those USA warships were apparently not going to Israel to pick up embassy personnel.  (cnn) Nov 19

Benghazi proves Obama doesn't care about embassy personnel.

Obama Undercuts Israel War Effort  (breitbart) Nov 22

THEN AGAIN, in between the lines of the undercover cover story as outlined above,

Possibly Netanyahu was actually out gunned in Gaza.  Something seemed to scare him off putting troops into Gaza.  Perhaps Obama sent those ships to help Israel. Perhaps only in show.

Perhaps Israel's Iron Dome rocket supply is depleting too fast.

Perhaps Obama is allowing Netanyahu to say he was forced into accepting a cease fire.

How much is Netanyahu buying into the show?

How much is Netanyahu a part of the show?


Of note, within one hour following the ceasefire, Hamas had already fired 15 missiles at Israel.

Will Israel go into Gaza?


God knows.


At any rate, the result:  the Caliphate building continues, and Hamas gets to reload, thanks to King Hussein Obama.

We Lost the War (jewish press) Nov 22


Did Obama, Netanyahu, or anyone foresee the muslims against muslims aspect beforehand?

almost enjoyable to watch


At some point, Israel will rely on completely on/in YHVH.  Until then, they will have some problems along the way.

Even as such, we witness the miracle of Israel:


The trap that Arik built (caroline glick) Nov 23

Deuteronomy 1:21 - Behold, the LORD thy God hath set the land before thee: go up [and] possess [it], as the LORD God of thy fathers hath said unto thee; fear not, neither be discouraged.
"Possess" is from the Hebrew יָרַשׁ yarash.
Gesenius's Lexicon: to take, take possession of, to occupy, especially by force.
Israel is commanded to possess-by-force the land God gave them. But it likely requires King David's leadership.


Russia also sends warships to get Russian citizens (???) out of Gaza (lalarabiya) Nov 24





FEDS: 785,000 abortions in year... (la times) Nov 22

4D scans show fetuses yawn in the womb (yahoo) Nov 22

via Drudge Report





Arab Spring and the Israeli enemy (arabnews.com) OCT 2012



Tel Aviv bus bomb attack  (reuters) Nov 21

"You opened the gates of hell on yourselves," Hamas's armed wing, the al-Qassam brigades, said on Twitter.

It is noteworthy that Hamas aligns itself with Hell, even if the media won't.


This of course brings to mind the often misunderstood (and not so subject related here) passage in Matthew16:18

And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. vs19 And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. (KJV)

Following is a better translation to help beginning understanding:

Consistent Translation:

 v18But I-also am-saying to-you, because you yourself-are Peter, also upon this rock I-shall-build-up my assembly, and gates of-Hades will not prevail in-it.

v19 And I-shall-give to-you the keys of-the kingdom of-the heavens: and what-(thing) if you-might-bind on the earth, it-will-be having-been-bound-and-still-bound in the heavens; and what-(thing) you-might-loose on-the-earth, it-will-be having-been-loosed-and-still-loosed in the heavens.


Note that whatever was done on earth was previously done in heaven, and NOT the other way around as stated in the King James Version.


It is important to trust that the gates of Hades will not prevail against - - YHVH's assembly.   

His assembly ultimately includes the majority of (all) ethnic national Israel.

"and all Israel shall be saved".Romans 11:26


Some in this assembly are not yet seeing Yeshua YHVH.  that is OK.
Matthew 16v20 Then he-gave-strict-order to-his disciples in-order-that they-might-say to-no-one that he himself-is Jesus the Messiah.





A moment of truth in Israel  (sultan knish) Nov 19



Arab paper: Syria, Iran instigated Gaza conflict (ynet news) Nov 19


Nose cell transplant enables paralysed dogs to walk  (bbc news) Nov 19


Congress demands EPA's secret email accounts (washington times) Nov 18

another Obama scandal




 "Anonymous" leaks personal information of 5,000 Israeli officials (rt.com) Nov 18
Not so much "Anonymous": Anonymous outs self, says

"We are Legion", and of course, this entity attacks Israel.

Where does "Anonymous" get their info?

 "But the Jesus questioned him, saying, What to-you is (a) name?  But the-(one) said, Legion, because many little-demons had-gone-in into him."  Luke 8:30   c.f. Mark 5:9




Meanwhile, back home on the farm

Police: Deputy Shoots At Disabled Man Waving Gun Made Of Legos (cbs seattle) Nov 17
Who's the retard?  Swat training payoff:  the perfect FEMA camp guard found.





Missile attacks on Israel -

from Sinai (Egypt controlled), Syria, Gaza.  Missiles attacks on Tel Aviv, Jerusalem (near), southern Israel, the Negev.

Tel Aviv:  Iron Dome intercepts 2 Fajr-5 missiles  (jerusalem post) Nov 17

Third attack on central city in three days intercepted by fifth Iron Dome battery, deployed in Gush Dan earlier in the day; Palestinian terrorists fire 740 rockets into Israel since start of operation.

The South:  Two major Israeli newspapers are reporting that rockets fired from Egypt have hit Israel (weekly standard) Nov 17

 the Egyptian prime minister visited Gaza to express solidarity with the Palestinians there.
This new front comes a day after a rocket landed near Tel Aviv and on the same day Israel's capital Jerusalem was the target of rocket fire. Those attacks were courtesy of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Jerusalem:  Hamas fires missiles at - mooslim mosque, Temple mount  !   (nytimes) Nov 17

Even Saddam Hussein, when he led Iraq, avoided targeting Jerusalem when he aimed Scud missiles at Israel during the Persian Gulf war in 1991, not wishing to inadvertently destroy Muslim shrines or hit Arab neighborhoods

Under the last president, Hosni Mubarak, regarded by Israel as an important strategic ally, any relationship with Hamas would have been unthinkable.
This is another thanks to Obama.

Israel responds, but not accordingly

The Israelis (and the world) will come to mind the Word of YHVH, soon we hope. To the Jew first.



Major solar explosion on the sun (space.com) Nov 16

not "aimed" at earth - an arrow shot across the bow, with The Bow

Psalm 21:12 "For thou wilt make them turn their back:

Thou wilt make ready with thy bowstrings against their face.

Be thou exalted, O YHVH, in thy strength:

So will we sing and praise thy power."


some sobriety

On the day the first missile was launched against Tel Aviv, we convert US$ to Shekels there.


some humor

Audience member vomits over balcony at Paul Rudd play  (nypost) Nov 15
and it was not a friend of mine, or even an old acquaintance

But I had to check.


Last night's bible study brought out that Adam called his wife "Eve" because she would become the mother of all living. Genesis 3:20)

* This then includes the Nephilim.

Additionally we heard yet again how that the name "Jesus" is OK and that His name must be called/stated upon (Phillipians 2:10)

and that National Israel does this at Havdalah each week in reciting Isaiah 12:2-3 in the Hebrew Language. 

* That is, national Israel already says  "Yeshua is YHVH". 

At any rate, the Spirit was quenched - again - and the discussion remained milky, confusing, unsound.

Yet standing with all that, was the wonderful hidden gem of the night:

 "The bosom of Abraham 'stopped' at the crucifixion."

 - which affirms and agrees with what Jesus said about the Old Covenant/Sinai Law...."It is finished".

Certainly and fortunately,  we study to show ourselves approved  unto God.




Democrat Senator-Elect Simcha Felder Will Caucus with Republicans (jewishpress) Nov 14

Brooklyn Democratic State Senator-elect Simcha Felder has decided to caucus with the GOP, placing doubt over the Democrats’ ability to control the Senate, the NY Daily News reported.


in Israel:

‘Pillar of Cloud’ Operation Launched to Punish Gazan Terror (jewishpress) Nov 14

Reserve Call-Up Orders Delivered (jewishpress) Nov 14

Likud Anglo Calls on Jewish Home Anglos to Support Gimpel in Primaries (jewishpress) Nov 13

unfortunately for Israel, and probably fortunately for Jeremy,he did not win the election.

Gimpel Loses Jewish Home Primaries (israel national news) Nov 14

Gimpel’s ninth place finish puts him out of the running, baring a major political shift.


Torah Observance:  Which commandments do you choose to obey? (Hebrew for Christians)


Israel's Local Start-Ups See International Success  (wall street journal) Nov 12


Drivers Questioned On Guns At Federal Checkpoint  (infowars) Nov 12


Israel returns fire on Syria (debka) Nov 11


Update Nov 9: Benghazi fiasco continues

on Libya Embassy attack:

One sunny day: Obama refuses to meet with Netanyahu (haaretz) Sept 11

Day Two: US Ambassador to Libya and others killed by crazed Muslim mob  (reuters) Sept 12

Reuters blames Terry Jones.  gotta watch that movie about the muslim pedofile.

Years of warning about embassy security preceded Libya incident  (washingtonguardian) Sept 12

i.e. another peace corp patsy utilized - set up.
Hot mic on reporters also setting up Romney (the blaze) Sept 12
get that? the reporters are trying to make Romney look bad for Obama's policy fiasco

Reality check: Libyan security team handed U.S. staff to rioters  (cain tv) Sept 12
How the media turned Obama's foreign policy bungle into a Romney gaffe (washington examiner) Sept 12
the sodomy of islam (atlas shrugs) Sept 13

UPDATE: Setup confirmed:  Exclusive: America 'was warned of embassy attack but did nothing' (the independent) Sept 13
DAY 3 "FULL BLOWN CRISIS"  (the cable) Sept 14

This is from Genesis 12:3 reaction to Obama's action..  It's that simple.
Libya: We gave US three-day warning of Benghazi attack  (the independent) Sept 18

White House told of militant claim two hours after Libya attack: emails (reuters) Oct 24
Obama knew, lied about it.

Benghazi Attack Was Botched Kidnapping To Trade Blind Sheik  (western center for journalism) Oct 17
Was Obama in on the planning?

Petraeus Throws Obama Under the Bus (weekly standard) Oct 26

Libya, the real October surprise (the blaze) Oct 27

TRR: Is a General losing his job over Benghazi? (washington times) Oct 28

The Convenient Resignation of General Petraeus (frontpage magazine) Nov 10
something to do with the statement that the CIA issued on October 26: “No one at any level in the CIA told anybody not to help those in need; claims to the contrary are simply inaccurate.”
Is the Director of the CIA this stupid?  Or is he an American hero?  Time may tell.

6 lingering questions about the exit of Gen. David Petraeus (politico) Nov 10
6. Did Petraeus make the situation worse? 

Maybe he has something to say...now.

Time may tell.  For now it seems more attention has returned to this issue since the election...

Then again, Is this why CIA chief really resigned? (worldnetdaily) Nov 10
Obama's Fast & Furious Benghazi gunrunning support of jihad (muslim "holy" war).

Yeah, Obama's a muslim.

and in another ring, Obama's attack on the military is seen:
Top US commander in Afghanistan under investigation as Petraeus scandal widens  (fox news) Nov 13
None of this justifies Obama @ Benghazi.

Glenn Beck is on Obama's attack on US military  (glennbeck.com) Nov 14

Delilah - she's always all ways problematic.  Is there a distinction between the "Delilahs" and the "Bathshebas".?

Petraeus Scandal Reveals Massive Islamic Infiltration In Obama Administration (debbie schlussel) Nov 16

Kelley, a dhimmi Christian Arab of Lebanese descent

Khawam Kelley isn’t an innocent socialite. She’s an agent of influence for Arab Muslim nations.

Kelley’s sister, Natalie Khawam, was married to a top Bush administration official,


hmmm.  I have to wonder....


because it seems Allen nor Petraeus are pro Israel? 

consider this comment on above article:

Allen has been a staunch proponent of Moslem point of view. Consider the onerous and deadly rules of engagement. Consider also our troop who have had to fight their way out of a firefight and found themselves in court cases where their reputation career and personal freedom was at stake. The Jiint Chiefs and the military command have all been compromised. Except for one General that was placed in handcuffs because he ordered Help for the Benghazi 4; no General defied the President’s ridiculous order to aid their comrades. Why are Moslem terrorists infiltrating and “teaching” our military. We are indeed in a sad and vulnerable state

Barry Goldsmith on November 16, 2012 at 1:17 pm

Yeah, what happened to that fellow? TRR: Is a General losing his job over Benghazi? repost (washington times) Oct 28

Keeping an eye on the Kellys' keepers...


at any rate, Benghazigate serves to deflect all attention from the massive Nov. 6, 2012 General Election fraud

and Obama's gun running for Jihad operation

Petraeus Opposed Drone Strikes b/c They Offend Muslims, Nixed Hits on Several Terrorists (debbie schlussel) Nov 19

affirming Petraeus' role as scapegoat in Benghazigate

Obama Administration Oversaw Arms Shipments to Al Qaeda in Libya (daniel greenfield) Dec 5

Hillary fake faints to get out of testifying.  'was never hospitalized'? (cnn) Dec 17
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sustained a concussion after becoming dehydrated and fainting, and will no longer testify Thursday before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.
They should maker her bring a note from her doctor.

And someone says Stephens was NOT working with Obama.  (rubin reports) Apr 4

 And he's dead.





Genocidal Muslim State Elected to UN Human Rights Body (frontpage magazine) Nov 9
by daniel greenfield

Sudan, whose leader was indicted by the International Criminal Court for genocide and crimes against humanity, will now help choose the members of the Commission on the Status of Women, the executive of UN Women, and UNICEF, which protects children’s rights



Often heard: "as in the days of Noah"


Never heard:  words from Noah's wife and son's wives.

What woman? or is it women?  Noah's wife would have be echad with him, thus within his voice.

does "as in the days of Noah" mean women will lose their voice


will women will be a voice, separate from an "echad" unity?



After Obama win, U.S. backs new U.N. arms treaty talks (reuters) Nov 8
there go more American jobs


Tighten Your Safety Belts, Israel! (right side news) Nov 7


Muslim Brotherhood: Obama Needs To ‘Accept The Will Of The Arab People’ (cbs) Nov 7

Note the Muslim Brotherhood equates Arab with Muslim

Their will:

"Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood wants to make Shariah Law the main source of the country’s new constitution."


Wed. night bible study

In "as in the days of Noah" it can be understood that commerce will continue till the end....

...which brings to mind the relationship between evil and money and greed:

1 Timothy 6:10 For the love-of-silver is (the) root of-all the bad-things, of-which some relishing-for-themselves they-were-led-astray-off from the trust and they-transfixed themselves with-many pains.


So the love of money - wanting to keep it or wanting to take it - is the root of all evil.

Both sides of the coin are potentially bad.

satan understands this and uses it within his "method of error".

Only Yeshua/Jesus did good.

In Him, we are made righteous (not by us obeying X commandment/s)

thus the prophet Habakkuk wrote of the future: the Tzaddik/Righteous shall live by faith.Hab.2:4b



Election 2012 roundup


the real Election is detailed in Isaiah 40,

"And the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that shall never be destroyed ... and it shall stand forever" (Dan. 2:44).


Nov 7 am bible read happened to be Psalm 73.  Fitting to the day.



Obama Likely Won Re-Election Through Election Fraud  (townhall.com) Nov 12


Black Vote was astronomical for Obama in some Philadelphia wards (philly.com) Nov 8

this is racism

Is it a collective hate crime against whites?  Is it genetically driven (babel) or just straight demon possession?

"astronomical"  tauntingly refers to the obvious voting fraud that occurred
North America is on track to becomes South Africa.


Game called on account of darkness (sultan knish) Nov 6

Greenberg thinks, and he thinks we can change. 

We will not change without God's help.


Jeremy Gimpel on the American Jewish vote (israel national news) Nov 7


Now that the saps have voted,

The truth comes out about Obama and big money (marketwatch) Nov 6

BUTon the other hand, maybe that article is wishful thinking? Perhaps a "hail-mary" from the markets? -update Nov 7, am market drops 200 300

Shall we have a conspiracy theory anyway?:  --Yes!

 The Bush Dynasty Continues

Obama wins electoral college vote (ap) Nov 6 2012

Remember, Bush II knew where Obama was going back when Bush was President.

Obama was educated by muslim (saudi) money

The House of Saud is connected to the Bushes.

Obama & the Bushes confide in each other.

Irony:  The Obama has 4 more years to say "It's Bushes fault!"   this is somewhat true, in that Bush was apparently in agreement with the selection of Obama....

And with all that, I think there is another level of play here.  Obama isn't stupid....the sugar high will be long gone when this level is exposed

However, God is - NEVER-the-less-

Remember the Primary election: God sets up the world's kings, so no worries, as God also takes them down. All in His time.  God knows who is on first, even if we don't.  Be not high minded, but fear God.

“Blessed be the name of God forever and ever,
For wisdom and might are His.
And He changes the times and the seasons;
He removes kings and raises up kings"
(Daniel 2:20b-21a


Get Local Here's a reason I can't vote for  one thing that makes it difficult to vote for Romney Nov6

But the main reason is because he is apparently calling for a palestinian state within Israel's borders.

He seems so pro-Israel, but I think this is regarding an Israel that fits Morman theology,

as opposed to an Israel that fits God's theocracy,

neither of which are necessarily represented by the past or present Israeli government.



  Dang it, we were at the polls and I missed Mitt's call by 10 minutes.


In the end, I voted for a republican, I voted for a cult member. 

 It isn't a good feeling.



[Religion:  Roman Catholic]

Yes indeed,  the Roman Catholic Church is a cult.



But anyway, at this time, Obama has the electoral votes.  (the blaze) Oct 29

Even with massive vote fraud by the democrats, a Romney landslide might tip the Electoral College his way (Nov5).


Bible code dude says Romney's got it (wnd) Oct 28

noting the code doesn't dictate outcomes


Frankenstorm.  (accuweaterh.com) Oct 28

Is this the October Surprise that throws the US election?

Pray for the best outcomes.

Jer 31:35 Thus saith Jehovah, who giveth the sun for a light by day, and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night, who stirreth up the sea, so that the waves thereof roar; Jehovah of hosts is his name:

UPDATE Nov 7 - from Drudge Report

Chris Matthews: 'I'm so glad we had that storm last week'... (realclearpolitics) Nov 7
"The storm brought in possibilities for good politics"

 While apparently ignorant of God, even this liberal commentator attributes the election to this storm!

Remember, God said that in the end times people will call good that which is evil.






Still no news/debate about the E3 grand theft?




 at bible study,  the subject of disability came up:

 disable vs. unable Oct 31

IF God says do no work, are you then disable or unable to work?

IF you are disabled, should you even think about - let alone worry about - not working on the Sabbath?

The Holy Spirit teaches all things.

If God determines the teacher/preacher's ability, is the student's ability conversely given equal benefit (such as an increase in knowledge), or does the blind lead the blind into a ditch?  Not if the student calls no man "rabbi".


IN the book of Job, apparently ONLY Elihu was not disabled from working.


Having experienced in total the work-comp injury to disability process, some understanding of such is gleaned.

One of the scariest realizations to date is that a good many friends & family alike actually are supportive of an Orwellian State (mob ruled "democracy") that dictates function to individuals...

This scares the hell out of me.  It is scary because they appear completely ignorant of their support of socialism. Who is the actual Zombie?  Blind sheep heading over the cliff, with hook, line and sinker in their belly, all following their god, MAMMON.


I don't know how welfare works (ha), but workman's compensation is corrupt by design and intent.  Work-comp prevents the WORKER - that is, the one doing the work, from using (God mandated Noahide Law) court system to seek compensation from injuries sustained on the job.  Work comp removes the "Honest pay for honest day" equation from Workers.


Of course, that few follow God's command "Work six days" is self evident.

 This of course does not negate the commandment.

ON Shabbat, this same "work" of the six days is to stop.  Likewise, the scriptures define this work, and also define "servile" work in various places.  Note the distinction.  Hence "work six days" does NOT dictate slavery, or even that you work for someone else.  On Shabbat, turning on a light switch constitutes work, and the Orthodox Jew applies this to his life.


Do good work, switch on The Light.

Always distinguish between work and slavery. Work is from Charity and, slavery is not.

Slave to Messiah, yes, but we (Christians) keep His (YHVH Yeshua) commandments because we love Him (Jehovha Jesus)

1Thes 1:3 Unceasingly having-in-memory of-YOU of-the work of-the trust, and of-the labor of-the charity, and of-the perseverance of-the hope of-our Lord Jesus Messiah in-front of-the God and our Father,

I believe the Work of the Trust in this passage references Jesus' Trust (THE Work that we are told to remember), and His charitable (to us) journey through the Cross.

In the darkness of the existing lack of charity (by us), note that the coming theocracy will be prefaced by a flaming hot double edged sword.  Should be easy to see.  All will be refined with fire.

The charity is not working bad for-the neighbor; therefore the charity (is) fullness of-law. Romans 13:10



Library cards and ending Daylight Savings Time are forms of socialism too.



My expectation is that the Founding Fathers understood that slavery - i.e. forced labor, was too expensive to be much profitable in the long term.


Notes on Ayn Rand  (wikipedia Nov6)

"Emotions are not tools of cognition."[26] Rand also rejected all forms of faith or mysticism, terms that she used synonymously. She defined faith as "the acceptance of allegations without evidence or proof, either apart from or against the evidence of one's senses and reason... Mysticism is the claim to some non-sensory, non-rational, non-definable, non-identifiable means of knowledge, such as 'instinct,' 'intuition,' 'revelation,' or any form of 'just knowing.'"[27] Reliance on revelation is like reliance on a Ouija board; it bypasses the need to show how it connects its results to reality. Faith, for Rand, is not a "short-cut" to knowledge, but a "short-circuit" destroying it


Fresh lemon grass fields in Israel become mecca for cancer patients (israel21c.org) Oct 30

Israel becomes mecca.  hmmm.

from Israel with love:  lemongrass tea kills cancer cells


more Israel blessings

Natural Healing from Israel's Land & Sea  (israel21c.org) Oct 30

Gleaning some clues from old books by Maimonides, Pliny the Elder and Arab doctors such as Saleh, Sallon’s staff is working like detectives to uncover these secrets so they can be applied in the modern world.



Tony Blair: EU needs a President (telegraph) Oct 30



Markets "closed" or "trading electronically" due to storm Sandy.

dollar down

Cash out?


But anyway, at this time, Obama has the electoral votes.  (the blaze) Oct 29


Bible code dude says Romney's got it (wnd) Oct 28



Frankenstorm.  (accuweaterh.com) Oct 28

Is this the October Surprise that throws the US election?

Pray for the best outcomes.


Jer 31:35 Thus saith Jehovah, who giveth the sun for a light by day, and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night, who stirreth up the sea, so that the waves thereof roar; Jehovah of hosts is his name:

UPDATE Nov 7 - from Drudge Report

Chris Matthews: 'I'm so glad we had that storm last week'...





Super storm headed for NYC, USA East coast as Tel Aviv enjoys Indian summer days.  Go figure.Oct 27


Shifting political alliances in the wake of Netanyahu’s new bloc (debka) Oct 26



70-80+ rockets fired on Israel in past 12 hrs - Oct. 24

not being reported


Jew & Israelite

a tract produced by Ralph H. Mount in 1961.

things you should know dept.



What if Obama loses the election?

Obama Has Massive Lead in Global Poll (weekly standard) Oct 24
Instead might he become a greater king elsewhere - Indonesia, Kenya, - - - ISLAM ?

Watching for the Roman Catholic connection...



Billy Graham’s Evangelical Group Removes Mormonism From Cult List (cbs charlotte) Oct 18
 Mormonism is still a cult.


found Ralph Mount's obituary



Thursday, Oct 18 was the Yartzeit of my dad, Leon B. Moore


Rachel recited the traditional Jewish mourner's Kaddish in Hebrew.



From the book "To Be a Jew", by Rabbi Hayim Halevy Donin: (posted Oct 23ish, 2012)

"The Kaddish is not technically a prayer for the dead.  There are special prayers for the dead such as the El Molai Rahamim prayer and the Yizkor prayere, but the Kaddish is not one of them.  It makes no reference to the dead or to mourning.  It is a prayer in praise of God.  It is a declaration of deep faith in the exalted greatness of the Almighty and a petition for ultimate redemption and salvation.  The word Kaddish means holy, and is similar to the word Kiddush, which is the prayer of sanctification for the Sabbath or the festival.  The Kaddish is one of the oldest prayers in Jewish liturgy, extending well back to the days of the Second Temple."



We read the version of Kaddish that Jesus/Yeshua gave us:


Father of-us, the (one) in the heavens, let your name be-made-holy;

 Let your kingdom come; let your will come-to-pass, as in heaven, also upon the earth;

 You-give to-us today our bread namely-the (one) on-(your)-property;

 You-forgive to-us our debts, as we ourselves also are-forgiving to-the debtors of-us;

And might-you not bring-in us into trial, BUT you-deliver us from the evil-(one). Because of-you is the kingdom and the power and the glory with-reference-to the ages.  Amen.


- Matthew 6:9-13

Within these verses, Jesus taught us the Kaddish to say until his return (Let your kingdom come).  Knowing that Jesus/Yeshua is Jehovah/YHWH, and that YHVH is become our Salvation/Yeshua (Isaiah 12:vs2&3) and that we have access to the Holy of Holies through Him (Hebrews 10:19-29 & Matthew 27:51), we truly understand that this Kaddish is a prayer in praise of God.

A beautiful thing here is that Jesus gave us this specific prayer.



also - Mom wrote dad's obituary in March of 2008,  nearly 16 years after dad died.  she painted wonderful pictures of those that came for dad's graveside service.  Also years later, mom gave me several obituaries out of different papers that she had saved.


When dad died, half of mom died.

This brings us to the "Bible Study Time" previously posted below:


Bible Study Time

Psa 35:14

"I behaved myself as though it had been my friend or my brother:

I bowed down mourning, as one that bewaileth his mother."

 Q. What is God talking about here?

ok, Time's up.

For one thing:  Herein we (may) see also, again, the great mystery of Eph. 5 30-32,

 i.e. "honor your father - AND - your mother" -  Matt 19:19, Ex.20:12

Which should be understood within:

"Hear Israel, Yahweh, our Elohim, Yahweh, is ONE." Mark 12:29-31, Deut. 6:4-5

"and thou shalt love Jehovah thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might" Mark 12:29-31, Deut. 6:4-5

"Love your neighbor as yourself." Mark 12:31

"but thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself: I am Jehovah" Lev. 19:18, Matt.19:19

"There is none other commandment greater than these". Mark 12:31, Gal 5:14(confirms)

A. The Head always takes precedence...this is the spiritual reality....perhaps this should be looked at as the proper/correct "face" of echad.  [This is probably more difficult to accept than to understand.]


first, you must have self-respect to love yourself in order to allow like/similar love for your neighbor.

second, your neighbor is permitted the things you are allowed/commanded to do.

(without a sense of community, this may not be possible)

so, if you love your neighbor, you cannot disallow his/her rightful privileges: that is, to hear and do (shema) God's commandments.

And for this lack of understanding (all the above) in others in my family,  I owe the Cotopaxi, Westcliffe, Keensburg (&-?) community (singular, as in one family) an apology for not permitting them their proper place/space to mourn/grieve for my mother..

 I'm sorry there was no notice given that mom passed on to be in YHVH's presence.

  I am of course joyful in her triumph over death in and through Jehovah Jesus Messiah.

I welcome all mom's neighbors and all my neighbor's to joyfully join me in grief/mourning of this passing on of my mother, Audrey Annabel (House) Moore.



From the Book of Jasher (Sefer Ha-Yashar)

Chapter 22, verse 82

"Thou art just, O Lord our God, for all thy works are good and righteous; for I also am rejoiced with thy word which thou didst command, and whilst mine eye weepeth bitterly my heart rejoiceth."







I think it is near time to post an obit about mom. At any rate, my family continues to recite Kaddish, as at her burial, on the 21st of each month, at the cemetery if possible.  All are welcome to join us in a prayer in praise of God.




Most unreported:  Global warming stopped 16 years ago  (daily mail) Oct 13

So what?

Your bills are going up, at least in part, because of the array of ‘green’ subsidies being provided to the renewable energy industry, chiefly wind.

Global industrialization over the past 130 years has made relatively little difference. (in global temp)
This is set to rise steadily higher – yet it is being imposed for only one reason: the widespread (religious-like) conviction, which is shared by politicians of all stripes and drilled into children at primary schools, that, without drastic action to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions, global warming is certain soon to accelerate, with truly catastrophic consequences by the end of the century – when temperatures could be up to five degrees higher.

Hence the significance of ...Global industrialization over the past 130 years has made relatively little difference.
(in global temp)

and again, money is at the root of this evil

money and power.


Sports and Recreation dept:

A guy named Felix jumped from 24 miles up and fell at about 834 mph.

One time, when I was little, I jumped really high.

Thank God, we both landed safely.



and we pray "Father, forgive us of our trespasses, as we forgive those that trespass against us."



Jihadists seize missile base  (ynet news) Oct 12
in Syria



Cash, i.e. US dollars converted to shekels, sitting in account, gains 1.55% interest in Israel. (Oct 12)

Here at home, it gets almost .5%

It seems a Spain and Greece crash put the dollar up first then down?

 as we see, with sadness, money is the root of much evil



Report: Netanyahu agreed to full Golan Heights withdrawal  (ynet news) Oct 12

US documents reveal Israel agreed to return to June 4, 1967 lines in exchange for peace deal; negotiations were interrupted by uprising against Syrian president

In the spring of 2010, Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak launched secret indirect negotiations with Assad through American mediator

Netanyahu's office said Thursday that "this initiative was one of many proposed to Israel over the past few years. At no point did Israel accept this American initiative. The initiative is irrelevant, and its publication at this time stems from political considerations."



Hoping no M-law for at least a couple of weeks...maybe, if Biden does REALLY good.

that is, thinking that Obama is ahead in the debate game.

that is, no M-law if Obama is elected.

also consider the state of NYC, and Syria/Iran "excuses"

On the other hand,

Romney might have magic underwear.


NATO invasion of Syria: coming soon (the voice of russia) Oct 10



Panetta: US troops are on Jordan-Syrian border. Amman denies  (debka) Oct 10
Similar US chemical weapons task forces have already been set up in Israel and Turkey



The Blend: Pope prays in Arabic for first time  (france24) Oct 10



Obama's ring says there is no god butt allah (wnd) Oct 10

on the other hand, Romney might have magic underwear.


Got a call from an Obama telemarketer last night.  That was fun...poor girl.     Oct 10


Netanyahu  Calls for New Elections After Budget Talks Fail (israel national news) Oct 9


Romney: U.S. Military Action Against Iran Far Off  (israel national news) Oct 9

smoke & mirrors



Mysterious Algorithm Was 4% of Trading Activity Last Week (cnbc) Oct 9

"this single program could have led to something very bad if big news broke, or if a sell-off occurred and one entity was hogging this much of the system"


Columbus Day is pretty neat after all.

by now thinking people get that Columbus was a Jew.

Thinking on converso Jews:  was the southwest/mexican poncho originally a tallit/prayer shawl?

The rabbinically approved "tallit katan" looks like a loose tank-top shirt.

First compare the tallit to the tabernacle (the tabernacle is the ten joined curtains of white, blue, red & scarlet that covered the holy place and the holy of holies.  The tallit could also be compared to the veil between the holy of holies and the holy place.

The poncho, with it's head-hole:  does it represent the rent veil?

does it represent the ten curtains (i.e. the tabernacle)?

does it represent our access to the holy of holies - to YHWH?

Where did the mexican poncho design originate?  Out of practicality?


on that note (mystical underwear), I suspect some rabbis will fall for Romney.




Israel under attack in the south again (debka.com) Oct 8

Eshkol region hit by 55 missiles and mortars from Gaza


Romney confirms his commitment to Palestinian state  (jerusalelm post) Oct 8

Romney confirms his commitment against YHVH's commandments and covenants.

It would be nice if at least by"side by side" he is referring to Jordan as the future palestinian state, and not a new state within Israel.  


The Case Against Religious Dancing   (ALGEMEINER) Oct 5

 emotionalism is vanity, not spirituality

(but relax, fakers get off the hook, as everything is vanity and thus, vanity is necessary.)

AND as we often enough see, LACK of emotionalism is also vanity.

Mass rally in Venice to call for independence from Italy  (telegraph) Oct 5

...as Venice sinks.



free plans for a variety of structures from University of Tennessee



Turkey has authorized military action against Syria.  (pakalert press) Oct 5

  This means war? (Oct 5)


Jordan's King Hussein dissolves Parliament, call early elections (Oct 5)


Oct 3 - first Presidential debate Denver, CO- Winner Romney?



Bernanke Warns His Creator (new york sun) Oct 1


Internet addiction to be classified as mental illness (rt.com) Oct 1

crowd control.


Scientists create GM cow to cut milk allergies in children (the independent) Oct 1

as in the days of Noah


Amerika - half stupid all the time (infowars) Sept 29

so tiring is the constant deafening drone of stupidity



YOM KIPPUR ROAR: Rocket from Syria lands in northern Israel. Damascus official denies reports of misplaced army shelling (klein online) Sept 26



Mom used to play the piano. 

Audrey Annabel Moore - Dec. 11, 1930 - Sept. 21, 2012



Top Chinese general in unusual move tells troops to ready for combat with Japan (freebeacon) Sept 18


Obama destabilized the Middle East on purpose (american thinker) Sept 18


The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama administration  (frontpage magazine) Sept 14


Striking Chicago teachers might pave the way for mandated public schooling  Sept 11


25 nations converge on Israel (telegraph) Sept 16

Battleships, aircraft carriers, minesweepers and submarines from 25 nations are converging on the strategically important Strait of Hormuz in an unprecedented show of force


THE RETURN OF THE ROOT CELLARS   (tribwatch) archived article posted here Sept 13

This site is OFF on some key points regarding the Jews. Be discerning here.

This is a pretty good article on root cellars and preserving food.



Bernanke  votes for Obama  (cnbc) Sept 13

A.K.A. election manipulation

"open ended" stimulus (spending)

Dollar down, and gold shoots up +$38.  Now that's confidence.


Are we seeing an epidemic of viral epidemics? (washingtonpost) Sept 13

tip of the berg


Why did Obama use the N-word to describe his grandfather? (foxnews) Sept 11


Mysterious White House Bunker phase completed (washington post) Sept 11



Seal that writes of Osama bin Laden operation shunned (washington times) Sept 7

Is "No Easy Day" -the book- a Seal Team 6 op?


Will Romney or Obama Save Israel from Iran? (jewishpresss) Sept 3
No. And Netanyahu has been playing this game for a long time too.


Actual Headline @ New York Times:

To Back Democracy, U.S. Prepares to Cut $1 Billion From Egypt’s Debt (new york times) Sept 3

Drudge Report points out the simultaneous irony:

Egypt's veiled news anchor stirs debate (reuters) Sept 3

NOW, under the exciting new Egyptian "democracy", women may "choose" to wear a veil.    



Homeland Security to assist with DWI arrests over Labor Day weekend (examiner.com) Sept 2

Drunk driving is SUCH a threat to US national security.



Q. How ever could you possibly get a magic underwear wearing Morman elected as President of the United States?

A. Make Obama President first.


US disowns Israel over Iran strike: No weapons or military backup (debkafile) Sept 1
US openly red lights: The Netanyahu government will bear full and exclusive responsibility for the consequences of attacking Iran.

Glean: Green light.


Ramat Migron destroyed  (jewish press) Sept 1

Muslim Terrorism on Christians Continues Mainstream News Remains Silent . (right side news) Sept 1

British Boy Stumbles Upon Extremely Valuable Whale Vomit (the post game) Aug30
It is rare that the ambergris gets to shore, but when it does, it is worth its weight in gold.

now thinking about Jonah. Was money an issue?  Or does this represent a prolonging of the perfume/incense (message) Jonah brought?


'Germany met with Munich terrorists after attack' (jerusalelm post) Aug26


Colorado: 5 Muslims arrested for brutal rape with blunt instrument "horrific sexual assault" (atlas shrugs) Aug25


Trading caps and gowns for mops  (marketwatch) Aug2

Noting - the "education" game is a huge $ racket. 

and that many people that are successful at not working by the sweat of their brow

seek to require more work out of those that do work by the sweat of their brow.

The ancient Egyptians and their Hebrew slaves come to mind.

Noting that God apparently valued the Hebrew's sweat equity.

For what then what did all those (2.5 million) Hebrews DO for 40 years in the wilderness?  What was their "work" for 6 days per week?

Gathering manna?

Jesus said "I am the bread of life"

There you go.  Work..


Federal Agents Arrest Armed Man Over Obama Threats (israel national news) Aug22

This young man has learned  a valuable lesson;

1. Don't threaten the President of the USA!

seriously, from a biblical viewpoint, God sets up world rulers - and that we must accept.

Democracy? - Gibberish.  Vote with your intellect: moreover your conscience, your heart.  This is a test.

Back to humor:  The guy was home in Washington state:

"Obama, who was campaigning in Ohio at the time, did not appear to be in immediate danger."

This is a test.




Rav Ovadia Yosef Holds in his Hands the Fate of Israel’s Attack on Iran (jewishpress) Aug21

Rav Ovadia alluded to an attack on Iran during a class he gave yesterday and said, “Hashem should have mercy on us. We need the mercy of our Creator, may His name be blessed and exalted. He has mercy on us, like a father has for his children. We are beseeching Hashem not to let the evil thoughts of these wicked men materialize. May Hashem pay them what they deserve.”

The Rav continued, “Like Hashem did to Haman, so He should do good for us. We turn to Hashem to have pity on us. We have no other recourse, but to rely on our Father in Heaven.”

Sounds good.
However, be mindful of what things this man has approved....

....and that he will likely likewise approve of some Catholic Church sovereignty (partial?) over Jerusalem in the near future...

...if not already.


Egypt Fully Remilitarizing Sinai - with US Help (gatestone institute) Aug21
Us troops in Egypt now? "Panetta said no additional troops had been sent to Sinai"

 noting here as elsewhere: "Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has announced that the U.S. 'is providing additional military assistance to peacekeeping forces in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula to strengthen security in the region.'"

"Panetta said no additional troops had been sent to Sinai"

- so - USA is providing additional military assistance BUT no ADDITIONAL troops - meaning we already have USA troops in Egypt. - ?


 IF so then, Q. Was the US the brains behind (consider - Muslim Bro - got brains?) the Egyptian military disregarding Israel's warning as to the recent attack on border...(which led to Egyptian military buildup in Sinai)?

Ben did it?

update: Confirmed: US military troops helping Egypt military in Sinai (israel national news) Aug23



Arab Spring run amok: 'Brotherhood' starts crucifixions (wnd) Aug16


Virginia vintners taste the police state (washingtonexaminer.com) Aug16
This is the problem.  On the local level, the Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats,

seeking ever more control and higher taxes.


Obama wants Israel to attack Iran - this is the same message that is coming out of Iran

US punched Bibi, Barak in the face (ynet news) Aug15

now watch the crash


Sarah Palin to Obama:  Drop Joe Pick Hillary  (daily mail) Aug15

Palin’s unsolicited advice to Obama, while clearly mischievous, underlines the extent to which Biden has become a national laughing stock and a potential liability for the Democrats

Palin forces Obama to keep Biden.


Former Obama campaign co-chair to stump for Romney  (political ticker) Aug15


Price of Ground Beef Hits Record High   (cnsnews) Aug15


The Golden Report aug 15

Not a nice picture


Iran: If war breaks out, we'll annihilate IDF  (ynet news) Aug14


Hail of bullets? National Weather Service says ammo request was ‘clerical error’  (the blaze) Aug15

Social Security Administration Requests Massive Amounts of .357 Ammo — But Why?  (the blaze) Aug15

CDC H3N2v Testing Bias Raises Pandemic Concerns  (recombiomics.com) Aug14
This biased sampling and testing remains hazardous to the world’s health.


Facebook cam recognizes you when you enter stores   (daily mail) Aug14

 the camera uses photos uploaded to Facebook to recognise people as they walk in.


The Latest Buzz (cbs seattle) aug 11

drone swarm crowd control


Microsoft + NYPD = Crimestoppers (cbs new york) aug 9

melds cameras, computers and data bases capable of nabbing bad guys before they even know they’re under suspicion.
no more crime in New York City! Yea!

Pesky bug situation at Olympic Stadium in London (ap) aug 8



July Hottest on record in USA  (washington times) aug 8

Rare Snowfall over most of South Africa (ap) aug 7

Summer's Hot, winter is Not.



Paul said his Hebrew roots were "refuse" and a "disadvantage" to him knowing Messiah Yehsua/Jesus.   Philippians 3:5-8

v5  In-circumcision eight-days-old, out-of race of-Israel, of-tribe of-Benjamin, Hebrew out-of Hebrews, according-to law (a) Pharisee,
v6 According-to zeal pursuing the assembly, according-to justice, the (justice) in (the) law having-become faultless.
v7 BUT things-which were to-me gains, these-things I-have-considered-and-still-consider (a) disadvantage on-account-of the Messiah.
v8 BUT yea-therefore I-am also considering all (things) to-be (a) disadvantage on-account-of the holding-above of-the knowledge of-Messiah Jesus my Lord, on-account-of whom I-was-disadvantaged (by) all the (things), and I-am-considering (them) refuse[s] in-order-that I-might-gain Messiah



HAVDALAH - the ancient Jewish tradition/service that closes the Shabbat,

is performed only after the first 3 stars are seen on Saturday night.

Thus showing that the sighting of the new moon must be by the physical sighting,

and not by scientific knowledge.

Otherwise, we could end Shabbat at noon, and say we KNOW the stars are above us....

This may be good to know, when looking for the time of the CLEAR appearing of the Messiah.


aug 10

The King of Salem is not necessarily the same as the King of Jerusalem.

IF the Tanakh/Old Testament is the inspired Word of God,

and IF Yah is not the author of confusion,

THEN "Salem" does NOT equal "Jerusalem"

Salem = Peace/Shalom; hence King of Peace.  Thus too, the Prince of Peace = Prince of Salem.



Hebrews 7 says Melchizedek is "being first, by interpretation, King of righteousness, and then also King of Salem, which is King of peace"


Question: Will Yeshua/Jesus - The High Priest - wear the Levitical Priesthood garments?




Chemotherapy can backfire and boost cancer growth: study  (yahoo news) aug 6


Orthodox Rabbi Dies During Tragic Mikveh Immersion at Sea (daily mail) aug 3
A guest at the hotel called the emergency telephone number after seeing Rabbi Englander struggling at sea.


In June, Satmar Rabbi Chaim Breisch died after struggling in the sea off the coastal town of Broadstairs, Kent, approximately 80 miles southeast of London.


Farmer mad about cops arresting him, drives tractor over fleet of cop cars. 911 call saves the day.  (daily mail) aug 3

 At least two deputies had gone inside a few moments before after washing their vehicles

Working with their windows closed and air conditioners humming, Orleans County sheriff's deputies said it was a neighbour’s call to 911 that alerted them to what had happened outside.

By the time officers were outside, the tractor was down the driveway and out onto the road

'We had nothing to pursue him with,' said Newport Chief Deputy Philip Brooks, who went outside to see seven of his fleet's 11 vehicles destroyed.

 ‘It’s pretty much the biggest tractor you can get,’ Police Chief Seth DiSanto told the paper.

'Nobody was hurt. That's the thing everybody's got to cherish,' said Sheriff Kirk Martin.

funny stuff  and yeah, they through away the key Sheriffs said they did not know if Pion had a lawyer. A phone number for him could not be located

Mischievous Felon!   faces seven counts of felony unlawful mischief and one misdemeanor count of unlawful mischief

Bottom line: farmer taught a lesson they can't learn.



Romney’s Mormon Links to Temple Mount Date Back 170 Years  (israel national newss) july 30




an example of true/real "Hebrew Roots" study:


In the Hebrew text of the Old Testament,

One word, used one time,

Proves the Greek text of the New Testament is inspired of God.

Go and learn this word!




and again, further:

One Hebrew letter in this word that is used only one time in the Old Testament

Proves the Greek text of the New Testament is inspired of God.

Go and learn this letter!


Hide me in your Holiness

(I am quickly thinking this  shin/samech is pointing to Father/Son, Adam/Eve, Husband/Wife (Gal5), Assembly-Body of Messiah/Messiah-Jesus the head, YHWH/YESHUA(Jesus)) Was Samech was sent forth at the Lamb slain at the foundation of the world?  Much to learn...

 "rapture", is an English word most Christians are familiar with that is not found (rightly so) in most translations.

One Greek word in the New Testament text defines (when properly defined) what the "rapture" is.


From The Vocabulary of the Greek Testament, by Mouton & Milligan:

"official welcome of newly arrived dignitary"


 Thus, with this word, the question of when this "rapture" occurs is also defined.



DOJ to Colorado Family: Give Up Your Religion or Your Business (cns news) july 28


Big Russian fleet nears Syria. Iran to fight regime change as foreign forces pile up (debka.com) july 24
prelude to Zechariah 14:2?

but first (?),

Isaiah 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap. cf. Zech. 9



NSA whistleblowers: Government spying on every single American (rt.com) july 24

{Secret Code Message Follows: xp2a;fldj 11 a;lkdsfj21 : jj0jn-penje.}


DF: Syrian chemical threat targets Israel. Obama warns Assad against “tragic mistake”  (debka) july 23


'Minority Report' software hits the real world   (france24) july 23


Fed looks at third round of easing (financial times) july 22


US Govt. admits surveillance violated Fourth Amendment (rt news) july 22



Marine Corps creates law enforcement battalions  (ap) july 22
for when the citizen is taxed (enslaved) beyond (after) the point of no return (nothing left to tax)

or more quickly,

for the next step, martial law (we are already in a declared national emergency (first step))

at any rate, more crowd control.


FAA Has Authorized 106 Government ‘Entities’ to Fly Domestic Drones (snsnews) july 22
so far this year


12 dead as PH D student dresses part of Batman movie bad guy and mimics TimeWarner movie trailer July 20

Setting up the mood for UN small arms treaty ratification


Report: Iran Quds Force Commander Killed in Damascus (israelnationalnews) july 19
A bombing that killed several members of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad's inner circle may have also killed Iran's infamous spymaster


Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon, Golda Meir, Yom Kippur War, Israel and Anti-Semitism  (jewishmag.com) july 17

article by Jerry Klinger:
"Hart then writes: When Golda had finished her long and detailed account of the Yom Kippur War, I suggested to her that the only conclusion to be drawn was that Henry Kissinger in effect made use of [Anwar] Sadat [of Egypt] to set up the Israelis for a limited war, to teach the Israeli’s a lesson, in order for him to begin a peace initiative on his own terms …. Without a pause for reflection, Golda replied: “That is what I believe. But we cannot ever say so … what I mean is that we cannot even say so to ourselves.”




regarding our police state USA;  watching for the nationalization of the local volunteer fire department.

sounds crazy?  Israel has done this already.

again the question, is Netanyahu "right" (right hand of God)

or so far left that he appears on the right?

I am thinking/hoping he is "right" handed.



The Tribulation, namely the Great, continues

Muslims burn 50 Christians to death in Pastor's home  (atlas shrugs) july 15

Is there a "greater" (more severe) tribulation than death? Perhaps the only possible increase in "greatness" is provided by length of time. Hence "great" tribulation has been ongoing at least since the stoning of Stephen (Acts 11:19) and possibly/probably since the crucifixion of Jesus/Yeshua (noting the relationship between the young man clothed in the white robe/stole (a tallit/prayer shawl??) at the empty tomb (Mark 16:5) and those that came out of the tribulation, namely the great, that John SAW "having-been-and-still-cat-around with white stoles"(Rev 13) and they had at this time already "washed their stoles and they whitened them in the blood of-the Lamb" (Rev. 7:14)...they cannot be numbered/totaled - perhaps because their total number is always increasing...

...and always horrific news to hear...



Pentagon Takes Over Civilian Duties and Sprays Mosquitos in Florida (infowars) july 11
trust this?


Dark Matter ‘Scaffolding’ Of Universe Detected For First Time (cbs) july 9


Prominent Muslims (moderates!) call for the destruction of Egyptian pyramids.  (front page magazine) july 9

destroying the evidence Mubarak was able to suppress?

the irony is that Islam is based on a pagan Egyptian moon goddess religion...(balaams-ass.com)

destroying the evidence Mubarak was able to suppress? This is referring to the fact that the "mythology" was/is REAL.

additionally, the Hebrews may have left some pertinent information in the pyramids...




There are pigs in heaven.



 Hence, Salvation by favor, although to the Jews first, is also offered to the Gentiles.



Many are called, few are chosen. 

Hence, so the part of the "Messianic" movement that demands Torah "observance" is also a "falling away" from The Truth (Jesus/Yeshua).

I have tried to differentiate between legalism and law, and although this can be done, there is no difference in The Light (Jesus/Yeshua) of the New Covenant.

This is explained here:

The Most Important Mitzvah  (hebrew4christians.com)


This is further and better explained/defined here:

The New Legalism  (acts17-11.com)

 Regarding the shadow law and old wine...



DNC Chair: Non-Compliance With Obamacare Will Not Be Tolerated   (infowars) july 6
“The IRS now gets to know about a small business’s entire payroll, the level of their insurance coverage — and it gets to know the income of not just the primary breadwinner in your house, but your entire family’s income, in order to assess/collect the mandated tax,” reports Fox News.

It is all about crowd (we the people) control.


Drones buzz Joseph Farah  (infowars) july 6

Crowd (citizen) control.


Human Trials of Israel developed cure for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)  (israelnationalnews) dated

"more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease

It works like this: Stem cells are extracted from a patient's own bone marrow and differentiated into astrocyte-like cells. These cells are responsible for the well-being of the brain's neurons.  The cells release neurotrophic factors, or neuroprotectants, which have been shown to play a key role in reducing the progress of ALS, a debilitating disease characterized by the progressive degeneration of motor neurons that results in paralysis of a patient's limbs and organ functions."

Leviticus 17:11 For the life of the flesh is in the blood;



Maple Leaf Drones  (/idealab.talkingpointsmemo) july 6

Crowd Control.


Chief Justice Roberts implies his Obamacare decision was wrong



Under the smokescreen of the Supreme Court Ruling on Obamacare, i.e. unnoticed by many:

Obama Executive Order declares National Emergency (white house) jun 25

Some likely noticed, or were "notified" (warned):  Perhaps Roberts did reverse his position after June 25? (breitbart)

Houston, we have a dictator. Over. ! > ?

Get used to it...we have had a "national emergency" in the balkans for some time


but but but

Obamacare now invalid because tax bills must originate in House  (the examiner) jun29


Saudis forces mass on Jordanian, Iraqi borders. Turkey, Syria reinforce strength (debkafile) jun29

"The Iraqi militias are well trained and armed and serve under officers of the Iranian Al-Qods Brigades, the Revolutionary Guards’ external arm."

USA out of Iraq allows that

"US-Russian concurrence on a plan for Assad’s removal could avert the operation."

will work as well as ousting Mubarak and Quadafi





House holds Holder in contempt over ‘Fast and Furious’ documents (washingtontimes) jun27



Supreme Court rules Obama care the Law (nytimes) jun27

Obamacare HAD to "pass" in order that Obama MAY be re-elected.

In the Out Field:  Chief Justice Roberts Is A Genius (whitehouse2012) jun27

Let's see if the Rep. party even think to try to reduce the "tax" on individual non-compliance to zero.

OUTCOME: Now hear this: YOU can now be taxed for ANYTHING.  Breathing? YES.


Now more this:

American Muslims Stone Christians in Dearborn, Michigan . (rightsidenews) jun27


Waldo Canyon Fire notes

June 27

32,000 evacuated in Colorado Springs


June 26

Thanks B.C.

Fire is a (the?) tool, whether by accident or design.  Certainly wildfire is predictable to occur.

Last June (2011) we experienced first hand this "emergency management practicing" in the Cotopaxi area, as County Road 1A was closed without cause and a large area was place under "mandatory" evacuation, without cause.  Obviously, besides spending money, we saw and exercise in practicing crowd control.

This year, it is on a grander scale.  And of course, now with cause..


Colorado Springs is on fire.

Wildfire?  Wild? Or "just let it burn" policy?



Or "Just burn it" policy?

The Re-wilding Project

So, if the city isn't the "safe" spot, what is? {cough/fema camp/cough}

TOWN HALL: Obama shrunk aerial firefighting fleet (gazette.com) jun26


MAS - Modern Arch Structures

guaranteed fire-proof  /  earthquake-proof

about $25K / 1300 sq ft.


Springer Fire  (denver post ) jun26

FBI, ATF, HSA on hand to check out arson and - little green men?

Great Balls-O-Fire


with Colorado Springs burning,

DHS says terrorists plan to create wildfires  (dark government ) jun25




150 Gaza rockets fired on Israel in 6 days  (times of israel) jun23



EPA power grab to regulate ditches, gullies on private property (human events) jun11

more crowd control
remember those paleo-hebrews out by La Junta left a warning to GET UNDERGROUND.

Of course, the drones can SEE underground.


House Bill extends TSA crap/"intel" to ALL transportation (federalnewsradio.com) jun22

" the bill creates 'fusion centers' where TSA can provide intel to local law enforcement and emergency management officials. "
Bubba and the TSA


Al-Qaeda has called on its followers to unleash massive forest fires upon the United States this summer (barenakedislam) May 8

Really? Report: Russian Troops to ‘Seize’ CIA Facility in Elaborate War Game… on U.S. Soil  (the blaze) May 3
Red Dawn reality....no wait, we invite them to a sleepover...


Panetta: Climate change a national security threat (washington examiner) May 3

Dr. Science.  BUT then, if you create heat, you are a national security threat; this points toward crowd control.


Obama Has Signed 3 New Executive Orders (pakalert press) May 15



Medical Examiner: Causeway Cannibal Not High On Bath Salts  (cbs miami) jun27

demonic possession?


Turkey deploys tanks to Syrian border (debka file) jun26


British forces in Syria, Assad presidential compound said under attack (debka file) jun26
Bashar Assad’s presidential palace is on Mount Qaisoun overlooking Damascus.



Ultra-Orthodox Jews arrested in Israeli Holocaust memorial vandalism (reuters) jun26
elsewhere identified as skinheads



June 26

New Egypt want closer ties to Iran

Nato backing Turkey against Syria

Syrian pilot defects with mig, Syria grounds air force

Putin tells Israel to stall on Iran

Jordan changing

world press not reporting Palestinian rockets & terror on Israel



with Colorado Springs burning,

DHS says terrorists plan to create wildfires  (dark government ) jun25


Author: Bible predicted date of Israel's return (WND ) jun25


Hillary tied to new Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt (WND Aaron Klein) jun25

that is, Hillary is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood



Terrorist group member Terrorist  attended White House meeting (the hill) jun25

Obama Administration’s Breathtaking Arrogance on Questions about Inviting a Terrorist to Washington . (rightsidenews) jun29

Putin, as savior, in Israel???


Some of the things Netanyahu has done

would really bother

if he were not a chess player master

and then Judah's comments (in the little book, Jude)




150 Gaza rockets fired on Israel in 6 days  (times of israel) jun23



Syrian military says it downed Turkish fighter jet   (bbc) jun22

BUT in reality:

"Turkey is cozying up to Iran and moving further from its Western allies."
Other: if gold for oil becomes the norm and Israel begins selling it, this could be the wealth the other nations want. ?


House Bill extends TSA crap/"intel" to ALL transportation (federalnewsradio.com) jun22

" the bill creates 'fusion centers' where TSA can provide intel to local law enforcement and emergency management officials. "
Bubba and the TSA



Nigerian bishop warns that Muslim group planning to murder Christians with poisoned meat (jihad watch) jun22

Moodys Downgrades the Banks:  Banks stocks rise (bloomberg) jun20


Leonardo da Vinci's bug-like drones (mailonline) jun20


Study: State pension shortfall ballooned in 2010 (yahoo news) jun19

The comment section illustrates the problem.


Joint Russia/China/Iran/Syria war "game" (times of israel) jun19

How shock waves will hit US if Greece drops euro   (ap) jun16

"The euro itself is a bloody doomsday machine."
IDF chief of staff-turned-vice premier: 'We are not bluffing'  (haaretz) jun15

worlds seems set for ww3

Here's another "trigger" point for such:

Egypt's highest court declares parliament invalid (cnn) jun13


EPA power grab to regulate ditches, gullies on private property (human events) jun11

more crowd control
remember those paleo-hebrews out by La Junta left a warning to GET UNDERGROUND.

Of course, the drones can SEE underground.


REPORT: ITALIAN BANK DECLARES ‘HOLIDAY’  (investmentwatchblog.com) jun11

there are, of course, no such things as "bank holidays". The Boogieman, yes. Bank Holidays, no.

When you see this at your bank...ok, it is then too late. But at least you have your stockpile of food.

looking at the shekel now. maybe too late at that.



as noted here Dec 12, 2011:

"keep in mind Assad is the only thing keeping the Muslim Brotherhood from power in Syria.

This is why there are still Christians in Syria today.  This appears set to change."

Now on June 11, 2012:

Announcement from minarets in Syrian city: "Christians must leave Qusayr within six days" (jihad watch) jun11

Again: What about Damascus?

Isaiah 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap. cf. Zech. 9



Syrian rebels take control of Homs air brigade (Jerusalem post) jun10




Can you Beelieve it?

Napolitano: Big Brother's All-Seeing Eye (washington times) jun8

on the coming golf-ball bee sized drones


Hornets - Big (strategypage.com)

Bees - Small drones are bees (wikipedia)


Psalm 118:23 This is Jehovah's doing; It is marvelous in our eyes. .

Psalm 118 - yet another Messiah prophecy.  Yeshua = salvation.  Rejected stone = Yesua. Jehovah's Right Hand = Yeshua. (blueletterbible)

Some fulfilled, some not fulfilled.  Are the bees = drones @ future (now) prophecy?  Just curious.

Keep in mind that those as the Body of Messiah would likely also participate in prophecy fulfillment.  Messiah the Head, the believers the Body, ONE, echad.  Eph.5:30-32 & Gen 2:23-24.  Note Eve created as a wife, vs. Israel created as the BrideA great Mystery.

This is how the believers in Yeshua/Jesus are NOW (already) there (there = at echad, at one, i.e. married,  with Messiah )

Israel is still the Bride of Messiah Jesus. The Rev. marriage ceremony comes.


Psa 118:8 It is better to take refuge in Jehovah Than to put confidence in man.
Psa 118:9 It is better to take refuge in Jehovah Than to put confidence in princes.
Psa 118:10 All nations compassed me about: In the name of Jehovah I will cut them off.
Psa 118:11 They compassed me about; yea, they compassed me about: In the name of Jehovah I will cut them off.
Psa 118:12 They compassed me about like bees; They are quenched as the fire of thorns: In the name of Jehovah I will cut them off.
Psa 118:13 Thou didst thrust sore at me that I might fall; But Jehovah helped me.
Psa 118:14 Jehovah is my strength and song; And he is become my salvation (
ישועה yĕshuw`ah)

i.e. Jehovah is become understood to be Yeshua.
Psa 118:15 The voice of rejoicing and salvation (
ישועה yĕshuw`ah) is in the tents of the righteous: The right hand of Jehovah doeth valiantly.
Psa 118:16 The right hand of Jehovah is exalted: The right hand of Jehovah doeth valiantly.



something about acupuncture?

The problem with acupuncture is the possibility of the acupuncturist being overexposed to moxa.

Above, a collision of the Hebrew letter shin, the constellation Crux as shown from the book The Gospel in the Stars, by Joseph Seiss, and acupuncture points from the book A Manual of Acupuncture by Peter Deadman.

I'm just curious. Note again that The Book of Jubilees Ch.10vs.13 states that the angels taught Noah ALL medicine.




Open Letter: Dear Pastor Hagee and Christian Zionists (jewishpress.com) jun7
watch this, but as always be aware (beware) the bandwagon effect (Constantine?)
If possible, even the elect will be deceived.




IceCure removes breast cancer tumors without surgery (fighters for zion @ facebook) jun7
from Israel

Pelosi: the ghosts of past women leaders spoke to her at her first White House meeting as Speaker. (roll call) jun7



Police Stop, Handcuff Every Adult at Intersection in Search for Bank Robber (abc news) jun5
High crime in Aurora Colorado - by the cops.

Mega violation of constitutional rights.


DrudgeReport headlines jun5

something about drones

Mysterious space plane to land after YEAR in orbit...

What did it do up there?

18,000 police departments to be offered UAVs...

Massive experimental drone takes to skies!
EPA deploys drones to spy on cattle ranches...

REPORT: Air Force drone spied on US soil...

18,000 police departments to be offered UAVs...




Marking Noah’s vision for Grand Island
In 1825, he sought to create refuge for Jewish people
(buffalo news) jun5

This begs the question: "If not for Rabbinical Judaism, how many Jewish lives would have been spared of their Holocaust?"




Within Christianity, many believe the Jew is damned because the Jew rejected Jesus as their Messiah.

Within Christianity, many rightly equate Jesus/Yeshua with God/YHVH.


When the Jew and Gentile both realize and accept that it has always been Jesus whom they (the Jew) trusts and obeys,

Then the Messiah will return?  Hopefully




The Descent of The Messiah (lifeinmessiah.org) jun5

WDJD (What Did Jesus Do?)

WWJD (What Will Jesus Do?)


The Age Of Drones: Military May Be Using Drones In US To Help Police (cbs news) jun5



cannibalism increase? (daily news) jun4

"As in the days of Noah."


China stocks fall bizarre 64.89 points on June 4,'89 anniversary  (yahoo news) jun4

"Tens of thousands of people are expected to attend a candlelight vigil in Hong Kong, said organisers, who had erected a replica of the Goddess of Democracy that was built in Tiananmen Square in 1989".
What thing is it that manipulates the markets?


Serpent-handling pastor profiled earlier in Washington Post dies from rattlesnake bite (washington post) May 29

and example of being sincere, and sincerely wrong.


Israel accuses Iran of supporting mass murder in Syria (israel hayom) May 31

OC Northern Command Maj. Gen. Yair Golan said

"Syria is in civil war, which will lead to a failed state, and terrorism will blossom in it," he said. "Syria has a big arsenal."


Astrologers say celestial charts favor Obama over Romney (yahoo news) May 29

"Not to be confused with astronomy, the scientific study of the physical universe, astrology uses non-scientific methods to predict how the relative positions of celestial bodies may influence human behavior and future events."




Lloyd's of London preparing for euro collapse (worldnetdaily) May28



REcap/ skipping stones

I may link later

US Troops dropped in N.KOREA to SPY on tunnels (dailycaller) May28

If Israel getting serious on Iran

IRAN wants war, to bring the 12th  iman, and is producing another (heteros, different) "gospel" of Barnabas

Obama must (for election) act serious/ undercut Netanyahu in words.  Action?

Israel is further advanced on everything - including surveillance, tracking , and control of her citizens.

there was something else....


Oh yeah. Back to the Future: re. "(Sinai) Law=forever": Jesus/Yeshua said Heaven, Earth, Law will pass.  Yet now we see darkly, IN the body of Messiah as echad (Gen2:24 + Eph5:30-32 GREAT mystery). So NOW echad/ONE with Messiah Jesus - AS WIFE NOW. (this does NOT change national ethnic ISRAEL - still the Bride of Christ/Messiah)

That is, in a sense, NOW in the Body of Christ/Messiah Jesus/Yeshua we believers/ones-trusting IN JESUS/YESHUAH JEHOVAH/YHVH are already there (there = past REV wedding ceremony): so then NOW, as existing there (in the future, so to speak, but NOW) in the Body, Law is GONE.

IF you have a mustard seed of faith you can move a mountain.

If you Believe it,  Live it.

Galatians 5v18 But if YOU-are-being-led in-Spirit, YOU-are not under law.

God is Spirit, worship Him in Spirit.

But yes, limitations NOW by the (dead) flesh, which with a stretch of the imagination equates to being weak for those weaker members that do not see/trust the future (and for instance say Law is forever). Could it be, that IF all would trust, Messiah would BE here NOW?




What goes better with Pentecost than speaking in....

Glossolalia?  (PDF about 10 meg has been removed temporarily)

What was the largest recorded outpouring of the Holy Spirit?

Not Pentecost.






Matthias was not the equal of Judas.  (thewildernesstabernacleofwitness.com)



IBM and the Holocaust (thewildernesstabernacleofwitness.com)



Are Investors Running out of "Safe" Havens for $ (cnbc) May 24



Iran: Discovery will collapse Christianity
Says Turkish 'Bible' has Barnabas forecasting Muhammad's coming
 (wnd) May 24




A Jewish Messianic perspective regarding The Messianic Judaism Mantra:  "The Sinai Covenant is FOREVER!"


The Basis for Jewish Identity

by Mottel Baleston

"5. The Abrahamic Covenant remains in effect even though the Mosaic Covenant has been broken. Jeremiah 31:31-33, Galatians 3:15-18.
Because of it's unconditional nature, the Abrahamic Covenant cannot be broken by any disobedience on the part of the Jewish people. In contrast to that, Leviticus 26:14-39 and Deuteronomy 28:15-68 clearly present the provisions of the Mosaic Covenant as being dependent upon the full obedience of the nation to ALL the provisions of the Law of Moses, not just those you choose to obey!! (James 2:10). Furthermore, the Jewish prophet Jeremiah presents the Mosaic Covenant as being so broken so as to necessitate a New Covenant being given (Jer. 31:31-33). Rabbi Shaul (Paul) in Galatians 3:15-18 confirms that the Abrahamic Covenant continues in full legal force today even though Mosaic law is no longer 'binding' upon believers. While the Mosaic Law is from God and is Good, Holy and Just, we were completely unable to keep it, which amply demonstrates to us the need for Messiah and the New Covenant.

more along these lines:

Should Gentile believers in Messiah convert to Judaism ?

or perhaps better stated:

"Should it be possible for willing Gentile believers to identify more closely with the Jewish people by voluntarily converting to Messianic Judaism?" (messiahnj.org)

1. Conversion of Gentile believers is not necessary for the sake of fellowship with Jewish believers or more effective sharing of Yeshua with the Jewish community (Acts 1:1-28; I Cor. 9:19-23).
2. Conversion of Gentile believers violates the scriptural principle of accepting our God-given identity (I Cor. 7:18-20).
3. There are no scriptural examples that can be applied to believers today (Acts 16:1-3).
4. Conversion of Gentile believers works against the principle of unity in diversity among believers in and out of Messianic Jewish congregations (Eph. 2:12-19). It also promotes confusion in how the Jewish community and the church view who we are.




FFOZ (First Fruits of Zion) article ( in 3 parts) showing the distinction of obligations between Jewish and Gentile believers (BASED ON ACTS 15, 21!)

 Part 1) The Tipping Point: Acts 15; 21

"In summary, Acts 21:24-25 demonstrates that the apostles did not give the Gentiles a mandate to keep the Torah in the same manner as the Jewish people. The four essentials were more than just an introduction to Torah enabling the Gentiles to learn the rest later. Instead, the apostles viewed the four essentials as a minimum standard for the Gentiles. The apostles and elders were unconcerned with what aspects of Torah Paul might have taught Gentile believers to omit beyond those four standards."

The apostles gave no mandate that the Gentiles should keep the Torah like Jews.

Part 2) Acts 15 Re-Examined

"However, if the Gentiles who seek the LORD through Yeshua must be circumcised to become legally Jewish, they cease to be Gentiles. By virtue of the fact that Amos calls them "Gentiles" who bear God's Name, they cannot be Jews, nor can they be proselytes to Judaism. The moment that such a Gentile legally converted to Judaism, he would become legally (halachically) Jewish and no longer be a Gentile who bore God's Name. In that case, the believing Gentiles would fail to fulfill the prophecy because the prophecy clearly speaks of these God-seekers as Gentiles. For the prophecy to be literally fulfilled, both Jews and Gentiles must exist in the days of Messiah--an impossibility if all Gentiles were forced to become legally Jewish."

Summary: The "grafted-in" Gentiles of Romans 11  are NOT Gentile proselytes to Judaism.  There is a distinction between Gentile Believers and Jewish Believers in Jesus. [This distinction was at least necessary while the Temple was still standing?] (God makes no distinction between Jew and Gentile - because He can.)

Neither are they (only) grouped as "Noahides".

Neither are they (only, necessarily) grouped as "a law unto themselves"

See The Four Sons

Part 3) The Lone Voice of FFOZ
"The Sabbath, the dietary laws, the festivals, are all good, godly, and filled with blessing. Observing them is the natural path of biblical life. We believe that Gentiles will find great blessing keeping even the commandments to which they are not obligated out of a heart of love for God, respect for His holy day, imitation of His holy Son, and identification with his people Israel. But we must admit that when it comes to obligation, Acts 15 and Acts 21 makes a definite distinction [Nelson notes: this is a KEY point] between Jewish and Gentile believers." [This distinction was at least necessary while the Temple was still standing?  This is, as Peter said, a hard saying by Paul - other wise stated: The Holy Spirit says He (Holy Spirit) says things that are difficult to understand.  "You have to go over and over and over things..."]


A Final Word
At First Fruits of Zion, we encourage all of God's people, Jew and Gentile, to join together and bear as much of the LORD's commandments as they are able.
[this indicates FFOZ believes it is NOT possible, therefore NOT commanded, for any N.T. believer to keep all the 613 Laws - this is correct] For us, it's not about obligation as much as it is about opportunity. We advocate the God-fearing path for Gentiles. We encourage Gentile believers to walk out even those few aspects of the Torah for which they are not liable to whatever extent that they are able.


Matthew 18:20 "For the-place-where two or three are having-been-and-still-are-gathered-together-together with reference-to my name, I-am there in midst of-them."

This then is The Assembly.  This is The Body of Messiah. This is The-Place.


Visiting the Temple Mount? Don't Move! (israelnationalnews) May 22

The concept of man limiting man's communication with God by rules regarding body position or attire is ridiculous. Fortunately, as a Gentile Christian I am also free from such traditions. This begs the question; Are prayers from the Temple Mount for the Peace of Jerusalem primarily from Christians?

IF no, then the tallit use in Israel by Jews is just for show?


U.S. lets China bypass Wall Street for Treasury orders (reuters) May 21







Torah Yesterday May, 19 2012


Leviticus 27 - God's silver table.

Lev 27:1 And Jehovah spake unto Moses, saying,

2 Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, When a man shall accomplish a vow, the persons shall be for Jehovah by thy estimation.

3 And thy estimation shall be of the male from twenty years old even unto sixty years old, even thy estimation shall be fifty shekels of silver, after the shekel of the sanctuary.

4 And if it be a female, then thy estimation shall be thirty shekels.

5 And if it be from five years old even unto twenty years old, then thy estimation shall be of the male twenty shekels, and for the female ten shekels.

6 And if it be from a month old even unto five years old, then thy estimation shall be of the male five shekels of silver, and for the female thy estimation shall be three shekels of silver.

7 And if it be from sixty years old and upward; if it be a male, then thy estimation shall be fifteen shekels, and for the female ten shekels.

8 But if he be poorer than thy estimation, then he shall be set before the priest, and the priest shall value him; according to the ability of him that vowed shall the priest value him.



Note there is no value for babies less than one month old.  Does this fit your doctrine?


Matthew 26:v14 Then one of-the twelve, the-(one) being-called Judas Iscariot having-proceeded to the chief-priests,
v15 Said, What are-YOU-willing to-give to-me, and-I myself-will-give him over to-YOU? But the-(ones) stood thirty silver-coins for him.


Matthew 26: v23 But the-(one) having-answered said, The-(one) having-dipped-in the hand with me in the bowl, this-(one) will-give me over.
v24 On-the-one-hand the son of-the MAN is withdrawing according-as it-has-been-and-is-still-written concerning him, on-the-other-hand to-that MAN through whom the son of-the MAN is-being-given-over; it-was fine for-him if that man was not born. 
[don't add doctrine to this]
v25 But having-answered Judas the-(one) giving-him over said, Whether-at-all I myself-am (he) Rabbi? He-is-saying to-him, You yourself-said.
v26 But (as) they (were) eating, the Jesus having-taken the bread, and having-blessed, he-broke-in-pieces and he-was-giving to-the disciples, and he-said, YOU-take, YOU-eat; this is my body.
v27 And having-taken the cup, and having-given-thanks, he-gave to-them, saying, YOU all drink out-of it
v28 For this is my blood, namely-the (blood) of-the new-quality covenant, namely-the (blood) being-poured-out concerning many with-reference-to forgiveness of-sins.

Judas ate this bread and drank this wine with Jesus at this Passover.
(compare Psalms 41:9)


Each time Jesus comes man is found sleeping:

Matt 26:v40 And he-is-coming to the disciples and he-is-finding them sleeping, and he-is-saying to-the Peter, Thus were-YOU not strong-enough to-watch one hour with me?

v43 And having-come he-is-finding them sleeping again, for their eyes were having-been-and-still-were-weight(y).

v45 Then he-is-coming to his disciples, and he-is-saying to-them, YOU-be-sleeping therefore and YOU-be-resting-again-for-yourselves; behold the hour has-drawn-near-and-is-still-near, and the son of-the MAN is-being-given-over into hands of-sinners.


All ten of the virgins were found sleeping - even the prudent five that prepared:

Matt 25:v5 But (as) the bridegroom (is) lingering they all became-drowsy and they-were-sleeping.
v6 But of-midst of-night (a) clamor has-come-to-pass-and-still-is, Behold, the bridegroom is-coming, YOU-be-going-out into (a) meeting of-him.
v7 Then all those virgins were-raised, and they-put their torches in-order.


What then, "Who then can be saved?"

"With God, ALL things are possible"

 i.e., thus we rely ONLY on THE GRACE/FAVOR OF GOD:


as with Judas

Matt 26: v48 But the-(one) giving him over gave (a) sign to-them, saying, Whom I-might-kiss, it-is he: YOU-retain him. The "Judas" kiss was a sign to whom?  On what level do we see?
v49 And immediately having-come-near to-the Jesus he-said, Hail, Rabbi, and he-kissed him tenderly.
v50 But the Jesus said to-him, Comrade, over what are-you-being-alongside? Then having-come-near they-cast-on the hands upon the Jesus, and they-retained him.


May Psalm 2:12 be a sign to you:

Psa 2:12 Kiss the son, lest he be angry, and ye perish in the way, For his wrath will soon be kindled. Blessed are all they that take refuge in him.


Judas kissed the Son.


There is much good to say of Judas...see Acts1:17  "Because he-was having-been-and-still-is-numbered-down among us and he-procured-by-destiny the lot ot this ministry.  And Compare John 21:20 with Matthew 26:25.   Judas was the one following.  Judas was resurrected when the graves opened after the Jesus rose.  My question:  Is Judas still remaining to this time?


Psalm2:11 Serve Jehovah with fear, And rejoice with trembling.





and again:

Can Three Be One? (hebrew witness)

The Trinity is a Jewish doctrine.
"Yet, the Jewish understanding of "one God" evolves not from the Scriptures, but from Maimonides’ Thirteen Articles of Faith. When he formulated these principles, he replaced the word echod, which appears in the Bible and means a unity of more than one element, with another word, yachid, that means an absolute "one." Maimonides influenced the Jewish people so greatly that they accepted his teaching as the Word of God and his representation of "one God" as yachid."

A "great" rabbi leads Israel astray.  

I have heard this "yachid" theme repeated in a "Messianic" assembly, where their infatuation with "Jewish lore" -  A.K.A. the "(pseudo) Hebrew roots"  - leads so many to the ditch.
"Although the Zohar is part of recognized Jewish sacred writings, Judaic authorities teach that a student must be completely versed in the Talmud and other rabbinical writings before he is able to venture into the mysteries of the Zohar, which is part of a larger work called Cabala. They believe that a student who is not prepared could actually lose his mind if he should attempt such a study."

"In fact, their conviction that the Zohar is almost impossible to understand proved to be so strong that in 1991 they issued a decree that no one should be allowed to study this mystical book."


It appears the "losing your mind" is discovering things such as the Trinity.

Again, it is Rabbinical Judaism (Traditional Judaism) that is leading astray.

 Beware of them, of foolish Galatians.

Romans 11:28 "As touching the gospel, they are enemies for your sake:  but as touching the election, they are beloved for the fathers' sake"

 Beware, but not high minded Romans 11:20



recent: Netanyhu: Israel is the only place Christians can practice their faith

(he said - qualified with - "in the middle east".

considering things:

Bill aims to enable agencies to track citizens' every move  (ynet) May 17

this in Israel



The End of Tongues (pristine faith restoration society)

"Tongues" ceased of themselves - 1 Cor 13:8-10

The word "cease" is the Greek word "pausontai," (future middle indicative of pauô). A.T. Robertson says this means "they shall make themselves cease or automatically cease of themselves."




Spy Drone Almost Causes Mid Air Collision With Jet Over Denver (infowars) May 17



Was the New Testament Written in Hebrew? (pristine faith restoration society)
"Actually, the idea that the entire New Testament was originally written in Hebrew is nearly absurd, because all, except Matthew, Hebrews, and James, were written primarily to Gentiles. And Gentiles did NOT speak Aramaic."





Obama Has Signed 3 New Executive Orders (pakalert press) May 15

Mexican Jihad  (raymondibrahim.com) May 11


Moody's downgrades Israel banking for no good reason (ynet) May 9

Fitch gives Israel 'A' credit rating
Top credit rating gives Israel's economy stable outlook; predicts 3.5% growth in 2013  (ynet) Apr 27



The Truth about “Sacred” Names, Pagan Names, and the Third Commandment (truthontheweb.org)
"These examples are not to deter your faith but to restore it to the proper gospel. Your salvation does not depend on a pronunciation. "

"Yah is the moon god of fertility of Babylon: [1.50] as a worshipper of Nebo, Yav and Istar, [4.56] in Borsippa I erected: [4.57] to the god Yav who confers [4.58] the fertilizing rain upon my land, [4.59, 60] his house (also) in Borsippa I strongly built: [4.61] to the Moon-god who upholds …
Lydus expressly asserts that "the Chaldeans called their god Yaho". A Babylonian text reads "The god Ib is my god Yau" (Briffault 3:108).
A stele from pagan Byblos, specifically cites Yaveh-Melek, 'Yahweh the King', [who] worships the Queen of Heaven.

At the least, this is a vain taking of the name of Yahweh?

Pagans, usually poised as "Christians", still take the name in vain.



once again,

National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012



Air Force Document: Drones Can Be Used To Spy On Americans (infowars) May 11
incidental data capture can be used

thus also,  the info recorded by a US drone, operated by a  - - college?  - can be used by govt./mil./local "law" enforcement



Fed clears China's first US bank takeover (yahoo news canada) May 9


 For Your Information (thegoldenreport.com) May 8

The Golden Report



"To lead someone to Christ"

a note Dad left behind



Israeli PM Netanyahu strikes surprise coalition deal (bbc) May 7

hmmm, are we moved a step closer to Israel? and is that what we want?


US secretly releasing Taliban fighters, report says (fox news) May 6
"the hardened fighters must promise to give up violence and are threatened with further punishment, but there is nothing to stop them resuming attacks against Afghan and American troops."
Setting up US troops.


A new hope for back pain sufferers? (cbs news) May 6
This has been coming for some time, but likely fought by the MANY back surgeons & hospitals.

95% cheaper than a fusion and actually works? 

I would suspect that it should be performed soon after disc herniation to minimize nerve damage? Interesting. Hopeful.




"as often as you eat this bread"

i.e. Once a year at Passover.  It was unleavened bread:





The leaven represents sin.


It is blasphemy to say that leavened bread, whether challah or communion wafer, represents Jesus/Yeshua.

THAT is why many are weak and sickly: By NOT discerning this distinction, every week they portray Jesus as a sinner:

A lot of "Messianics" do this by equating leavened Challah with the unleavened bread of Passover.

A lot of "Christians" do this by equating unleavened wafers ("host", "communion") with the unleavened bread of Passover.

Both groups do err.  Both groups need to read and obey the Bible, and get out of the traditions of MAN.


This Messianic Hebrew-roots webpage explains this well. They explain the relationship of the unleavened bread,  Passover, Jesus' flesh, and TORAH.

Unfortunately, this site, at a glance, seemingly falls into the mind trap of thinking that my wife (bilingual) cannot properly convey her thoughts to me (English speaking) and to her parents (Spanish speaking).  This racism is derived from their belief that we have to "think" like Jews in order to understand scripture.  i.e., they (writers) were stupid (couldn't convey their thoughts), we are stupid (can't discern), and God is stupid (can't convey his thoughts in a language other than Hebrew [Yah forbid.]) Of course God is not limited to language and of course the writers were 1. inspired by the Holy Spirit, and thus 2. multilingual, not limited to Hebrew in conveying "their" thoughts.

YES, it is important and helpful to understand Jesus was a Torah abiding Jew.  But so often this thinking, or rather emotionalism, gets carried away, off The Way, to a point of legalistic Talmudic vanity.

Never-the-less, as they are mostly correct on this point,  since it is a "hebrew-roots" source,  perhaps their presentation will be easier for some "messy-antics" to digest this excerpt:


"The whole of I Corinthians 5 is about the Passover Seder. Paul says that those deliberately engaged in sin are not to partake of the Passover. The Passover is the only Festival of HaShem where only the observant can attend. The Corinthians were allowing just anyone to attend and the 'leaven' (sin) among them was not being removed. Paul stresses that those who continued in their sin were not to participate in the Seder. The Seder is to be celebrated without 'leaven' (sin) v7,8. It is Torah law that the 'body' is to be judged correctly. Paul says that we are not to keep non-believers out at all times, but only in the context of the Seder: verse 10, "I do not mean that you should separate completely from all the immoral people of the world..... verse 11 "but with such a person, you must not break bread."

Again in 1 Corinthians 11:26-31, Paul reinforces the Torah command that "no uncircumcised person may eat of the Passover". It seems that this command was not being taken seriously and non observant people were partaking. For this reason, as the Torah also warns, they were dying or becoming sick. This is what the Torah calls the punishment of 'Kareth' - when God executes punishment on a person who violates the Commandment in a hidden manner."

Finish reading this webpage, and - Think about it. 

You cannot have it both ways, either way.  (i.e. don't mix Yah's cup and the cup of the devil at Passover or at any other time) (1 Corinthians 10:21)


It is sinful to use leavened bread at Passover.

Conversely, it is likewise sinful to proclaim leavened bread, eaten at any time of the year/week/month/day, is the same as the unleavened bread of Passover.  In other words, if you say your weekly "communion" or frequent "Hamotzi" bread is the bread Jesus/Yeshua said to eat in remembrance of Him, you are not discerning nor proclaiming Yeshua/Jesus to be sinless and in fact you portray Jesus/Yeshua as a sinner.


And that is why many are weak and sickly, physically and spiritually.


Get well soon!



Noting Ron Paul is still "in the running" for - - ?


Bnei Menashe aliya to resume this summer  (jerusalem post) May 5


revisiting Logos In The Night

some good stuff outlined

note Abraham and the Magi



Obama abolishes the Press Conference (white house dossier) May 4

"Press conferences are extraordinarily important for several reasons. A number of questions are asked on different topics. The pressure of being on national TV forces the president to explain his thinking. The public gets to actually see the president think and understand how he comes to his conclusions, an invaluable public service.
What’s more, the prospect of a press conference forces the White House to think through its own views. Everybody in the West Wing, including the president, has to stop and consider just what they are doing and why."




Israelis Making the desert bloom (with fish)  (jerusalem post) April 30




Is Obama really a bastard???

Film: President's father not Barack Obama  (worldnetdaily) April 25

"The truth, Gilbert argues, is that Barack Obama II was born from the illicit sexual relationship that rebellious teenager Ann Dunham began with Davis after her parents forced her to move to Hawaii."


"and a bastard shall dwell in Ashdod..." Zechariah 9:6

Ashdod - from אַשְׁדּוֹד "powerful", "a fortified place", "a castle"  "Ashdod" is the transliteration.
From The Visions and Prophecies of Zechariah, by David Baron; "Among the Jews the term [
מַמְזֵר mamzer] is used of one born out of lawful wedlock, but some think that it properly describes only one who is mixed, or of ignoble birth, and not necessarily [just/only?] one illegitimately born.  The ancient versions (the LXX, Syriac, Targum, Vulgate) render the word in our passage by 'a foreigner.'  In any case, as Keil observes, it describes one whose birth has some blemish connected with it, so that he is 'not an equal by birth with the citizens of a city or the inhabitants of a land'"

As humorous (and possibly truthful) as that (i.e. "Is Obama really a bastard???") may be...

Brown Driver Briggs Hebrew Lexicon: "Bastard, specif. child of incest" (also secondarily as possibly mixed population) - and as Ashdod was at the border of Egypt/Israel, perhaps a referral to Egyptian Pharaoh? Although also note this appears (?) to be a borrowed Gentile term/noun. Perhaps it goes both ways, allowing us our bastard Obama?





Really? Report: Russian Troops to ‘Seize’ CIA Facility in Elaborate War Game… on U.S. Soil  (the blaze) May 3
Red Dawn reality....no wait, we invite them to a sleepover...


Night Vision is a must have.




Nuclear Threat: Hydrogen Bomb Goes Missing In Germany (pakalertpress) May 3
pants on fire...somewhere


Panetta: Climate change a national security threat (washington examiner) May 3

Dr. Science.  BUT then, if you create heat, you are a national security threat; this points toward crowd control.


Hundreds of Christians slaughtered by Muslims in Nigeria (WND) May 2



A wild bee hive is found.


On Herzl's birthday, grandson honored for 1st time (jerusalem post) May 2

Jerry Klinger success story.



Labor Day / May Day



No More Gush Katifs! The Story of the Friends of Migron - (inn) Apr 29

It is time to end the two state policy; there is no room for another Arab state in Judea and Samaria;

It is time to end any and all destructions of Jewish communities, even if considered an"outpost";

It is time to annex the entire Judea and Samaria and admit, to ourselves first, that the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea is legally Jewish Land;

It is time to open the economic gate and offer huge incentives to settle every possible square kilometer of Judea and Samaria; build and build our ancient Jewish land;

It is time to reverse the Supreme Court order and allow Migron to remain and thrive on the precise land where it was founded and where it stands now;

It is time for the government of Israel to become the people of the Torah;

It is time to end any and all Jews against Jews acts; Jews do not demolish other Jews' homes. Jews do not uproot one Jewish tree; Jews do not destroy one Jewish home, even if it is a caravan, in which Jews dwell. Jews do not destroy Jewish synagogues. Please join us, Friends of Migron International, in the campaign to save Migron now.







The TSA's mission creep is making the US a police state (guardian) Apr 29


The Empire of Poverty  (sultan knish) Apr 29


Ex-Shin Bet Head Diskin Calls Netanyahu, Barak 'Messianic'  (israel national news) Apr 28
this cracker isn't calling Netanyahu a "Messianic" in the sense of Jesus/Yehsua:

 He cracks that Netanyahu and Barak portray themselves as messiahs.

Dual Messiahs???

Netanyahu and Barak are certainly not necessarily by appearances usually in agreement.

Granted, politics esp. Israeli politics are not always as they appear.

Early Elections May Help Netanyahu Get Rid of Barak  (israel national news) Apr 29

on the other hand, Barak might be seen as Netanyahu's "bad cop".


...and there was something recently about Netanyahu saying it was time to build the 3rd Temple

although I have to wonder about this comment by Netanyahu...previously posted here

Netanyahu: I'm the one who will establish peace between 2 states   (jerusalem post) sept 24, 2011




Obama Admin to abolish farm chores for kids (daily caller) Apr 25

the destruction of America and our culture continues

update, Obama has changed his mind on this. (election year.)


Septic System FAQs

the drainfield is where the action is, not the septic tank

thus the infiltrator system is much better.

an infiltrator system does not require leach rock and can be made out of  - 1/2 culverts?  1/2 barrels? car hoods?

note that virus can travel faster than leaching water, up to 5000' documented

note the EPA's involvement with WATER as a national resource.

Fortunately: "EPA regulates public water systems; it does not have the authority to regulate private drinking water wells. Approximately 15 percent of Americans rely on their own private drinking water supplies, and these supplies are not subject to EPA standards"

But they could say a virus found 5000' from your property was YOUR contaminate....

YOU would then be a threat to "Homeland security". 

Perhaps a contaminated person peed down the road from your house...ATTENTION SINNER AGAINST THE STATE!

Be aware the EPA labels Septic Systems as "Decentralized Waste Water Treatment Systems" and closely links this to "Underground Injection Control" and "Source Water Protection Branch".

EPA site search results for "septic systems can be a significant source of ground water pollution"

While the EPA site states "Septic system regulation is usually a state, tribal or local responsibility", there is never-the-less  "EPA's septic system program".
I suppose EPA septic regulation sounds great to Occupy Wall Street vermin




Congress Is About To Pass A Bill That Restricts Traveling, Driving And International Banking  (business insider) Apr 20

Roman Catholics control the US Supreme Court (ivarfjeld)
Babylon, Mystery Religion not dead yet.


Muslim North Sudan declares war on Christian South Sudan (jihad watch) Apr 19



Not April 1

Obama officially ineligible (examiner.com) Apr 19




"Despite the forgery, however, if Obama could even document a Hawaii birth, he still would not qualify as a “natural born citizen” of the United States since he was not born of two U.S. citizen parents. Obama’s alleged father, as stated on the fake Certificate as well as documented worldwide in the press, was not a U.S. citizen at the time of Obama’s birth."


We Are All George Zimmerman (sultan knish) Apr 15



Again Astronomy vs. Astrology

An Astrology site that details how Astrology NOT based on stars/constellations, and is all bunk.

This analysis might deceive the weak minded.  

Think it out.

However, the author simply restates and affirms the proposition (Astrology is invalid as it not related to star position).

Noting that the ancient zodiacs (correct, real, astronomy) did NOT set equal (30 degree) segments for constellations. explained further here

The direction of the ancient zodiac and the astrology zodiac are opposed.  That is, one runs clockwise, the other counter-clockwise.

One is as man would view the stars, the other as from above. 

The stars were created for man by God as signs.  Us looking up is the correct viewing direction.

The adversary said he would make himself  like the Most High (i.e. God). Hence his view is the corruption.


a planisphere showing constellations of the correct Zodiac

Click image for more detail


Another Astrologist says Your Real Zodiac Sign is your Sidereal Sign. Here is the Reason Why


Another more truthful Astrologist discusses The Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs
Honestly taking things a bit further, this author shows Tropical/Western Zodiacs are all out of whack,

and that for 25 degrees of 30 out of a "sign", Tropical Astrology is wrong.

i.e., if you were thought your "sign" was CANCER, it most likely is GEMINI.

While admitting (and proving) that neither Zodiac is based on actual constellations relative to a subject/person, this analysis falls short of addressing how an actual, REAL Zodiac/horoscope/chart must address the fact that the signs are the constellations and that there are 13 "in the sun" and that they do not occupy 30 degrees each.

I dislike having to read a bunch of tripe to find a smidgeon of correctness.  Sometimes so goes the truth seeking.



more later...


King Obama Friday Afternoon Executive Order takes control of Natural Gas Industry (whitehouse.gov) Apr 13



Obama Lawyer Admits Forgery but disregards “image” as Indication of Obama’s Ineligibility Damage Control (tea party trubune) Apr 12



Things you should know dept.

Olam HaTorah - Mercy Triumphs Over Judgement (hebrew4christians.com)

Another enlightening article by John J. Parsons showing how Torah has changed and the different covenants God has made.




The Horse(meat)man Cometh (washington times) Apr 13


Santorum's supporters played for fools (wnd) Apr 13

by Alan Keyes

Keyes is right. 


noting Drudge Report is pro big business, big politics, big pharmaceutical.


Jerusalem is the capital of Israel (nydailynews) Apr 10
by Rick Santorum

Rick is right.

Not likely Romney, a Mormon, will recognize Jerusalem in Israel.



Noting race baiting successes by Obama and his Reverend Wright, the New black panthers, etc.  Nothing good. Apr 9

Note Wright in his Easter sermon of hate, wrongly says "allah" is the same as Jehovah.   Valley Girl fact check

 Anyway, just like the jihadists teach their ignorant masses, so too here.



White House diverts funds for IRS Obamacare enforcement  (the hill) Apr 9


State Dept. competition expands horizons of social networking (federal news radio) Apr 9
Govt. tracks you with just a photograph and your "friends"

"the (U.S.) government has realized now is that they can tap into social media too in order to do things that would otherwise be impossible or very expensive. This is a completely different thing."


"On March 16, President Obama without public notice unilaterally assumed dictatorial power over the entire country, issuing an Executive Order ('Executive Order—National Defense Resources Preparedness' that would permit him in times of peace or war, in his sole discretion, to control all of the nation’s industry and resources for 'purposes of national defense.'”
"This President who would be Emperor, now is."



Obama's NSA: Close to knowing all about us  (wnd) Apr 3

"Attorney General Eric Holder has officially and publicly declared “new guidelines that permit the federal counterterrorism investigators to collect, search and store data about Americans who are not suspected of terrorism, or anything"



Hamas leader admits 'Palestinian' identity is invented (israel today) Apr 2


Obama's real birth certificate  (african press international) April 1





Obama threatens Supreme court over obamacare ruling (reuters) Apr 2


Obama's "got" Israel's back...with a knife (israelhayom) Mar 30


The Department Of Homeland Security Is Buying 450 Million New Bullets Cartridges (business insider) Mar 30
plus 175 million rounds of the civilian .223 caliber ammo

noting that hollowpoints are not legal in warfare.

Understand that this Bud, is for YOU.

Herein find the value of a .40 S&W & the .223. 

One might question why "Homeland" "Security" needs this: What is the big threat?

The answer: Bigfoot hunters

Man fined for not having permit to hunt Bigfoot (fox news) Mar 30

You see, what if everybody decides to go hunt Bigfoot?  Homeland Security needs to prepare.

not to mention for violators of the blogging/speech permits now de facto by the death of  posse comitatus.

Remember: Military given go-ahead to detain US terrorist suspects without trial  (theguardian) Dec 15

"It's something so radical that it would have been considered crazy had it been pushed by the Bush administration"

- and that is precisely why Obama was given the Presidency.

At least 1 dead, more than 900 homes evacuated in fast-growing Colorado wildfire (fox news) Mar 27
"The wildfire may have been a prescribed burn from last week "
We NEED firefighters. lol,sadly,  "wild" fire budget stuffing time again.
State forest officials had conducted a prescribed burn last week in the same area where a wind-driven wildfire has destroyed at least 15 homes and left one person dead (tulsaworld.com) Mar 27

Quite possibly from a "prescribed" burn in the same area last thursday conducted by Colorado State Forest Service on Denver Water Board Land. ? (ap news) Mar 27
I note the checkpoint, and think crowd control and stoke the emergency "management" coffers at once. lol, that's efficiency!


Romney queerly  clearly seeks the Drudge vote (cbs news) Mar 23


South Sudan opens embassy in Jerusalem not Tel Aviv. (your jewish news) Mar 26


10 Reasons Why Nothing You Do On The Internet Will Ever Be Private Again  (right side news) Mar 24

At once, the Pope's all seeing eyes were and are the confessional.

Times, and powers, change, somewhat.




again, Can Three Be One?   (thechristianrabbi.org)

Obama Prepares for "National Emergency": nationalize everything (even you) w/o congressional oversight (atlas shrugs) Mar 17

NSA building largest spy center ever. This means YOU. (wired.com) Mar 15



8 Microsoft Word Shortcuts You Probably Don’t Know (yahoo) Mar 14




Manifested:  Why a woman should keep quiet  (@Anshey Hashem) Mar 14,2012

1 Corinthians 14:34   

 2 Timothy 2:15,16

Much related: The Consensus Wants You



Those who malign the Greek New Testament don’t have a clue what they’re talking about! (Tshuvah) Mar 12


Hospital Moves Infants to Bomb Shelters (inn) Mar 11
"palestinians, better, islamic terrorists?, wearing down Israel's "iron dome". Next front?

US media ignores.



US military unveils non-lethal heat ray weapon (yahoo news) Mar 11


Nation of Islam threatens Glenn Beck (theblaze) Mar 11

"Mr. Beck is a minion of the Synagogue of Satan ...  This group, Minister Farrakhan identified in his Saviours’ Day address, “…the Synagogue of Satan doesn’t mean that everybody in it is Jewish.  It’s a combination of people, Gentiles, Jews, Black and White that agree on an idea."


Iron Dome Foils 90 Percent of Missiles (arutz sheva) Mar 11

in spite of the attack on Israel,

"Kerem Shalom was open for the delivery of 200 truckloads to Gaza residents."


from wikipedia
Kerem Shalom (Hebrew: כֶּרֶם שָׁלוֹם‎‎, lit. Vineyard of Peace) is a kibbutz

Hashomer Hatzair (Hebrew: השומר הצעיר‎, also transliterated Hashomer Hatsair or HaShomer HaTzair, translating as The Youth Guard) is a Socialist–Zionist youth movement founded in 1913 in Galicia, Austria-Hungary,

Today "vastly different from the context in which Hashomer Hatzair was created"

"Hashomer Hatzair, which has been at times stridently secular and anti-religious — seeing itself as a leader of a legitimate expression of a secular stream of Judaism"

Kerem Shalom, from whence Gilad Shalit was kidnapped. (israel ministry of foreign affairs) June 25, 2006

an IDF officer and a soldier were killed, a soldier was abducted, and four others were wounded.
Kibbutz Kerem Shalom looking for a few good Zionists (haaretz) May 2011



 130 rockets fired from Gaza in last 30 hours  Mar 10
US news media ignoring this


List of Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel (wikipedia)

2001 · 2002–2006 · 2007
2008 · 2008 cease-fire
Gaza War · 2009 · 2010 · 2011

People with housecats are crazy (the atlantic) Mar

A.K.A. CSC - "cat-shit-crazy"

And then the schizophrenia. 



Can LSD cure alcoholism?  (mailonline)




Israel set to start work on detention center for up to 8,000 refugees (haaretz) Mar 8

Future for the Messianic?


Hacker’s told corrupt Pope the truth (ivarfjeld) Mar 5
Attention Catholics: "Pick up a Bible and read."


study notes Galatians chapter one Mar 8 last revision: Mar 11


"Tradition" (Strongs 3862) in Galatians 1 14 and "Betray" (Strongs 3860) in Mark 14:28 are very similar, comparable.

Summary: A study of Galatians 1 leads to a comparison between Judas and Orthodox Judaism

 - and a defense of both. 

Nine times (at last count)  Paul by the Holy Spirit spoke the word "good-news" (euaggelion).

This "good-news" he specifically defines as the Gospel of Jesus/Yeshua. v4 The (one) having-given himself in-behalf-of our sins

Paul defines Yeshua as YHVH.  κυριου Ἰησου Χριστου

Paul marvels the fact the Galatians are "transferring" from YHVH to another/different/heteron good-news.

Twice Paul condemns those that bring such a different/another/heteron good-news.

Paul distinguishes between the traditional Judaism and the Assembly (ekklasia) of God.

 Paul defines himself as a master of traditional Judaic thought, but yet states that he was not taught by man the good news that he teaches, but rather through a revelation "uncovering" by Messiah Yeshua/Jesus.

Paul brought the good news (euaggelizomai) to the Gentiles.

Jesus/Yeshua IS the good news.

 He does not say he brings or brought the Law (nomos) to the Gentiles.

The messianic Jewish assembly in Judah liked what they heard about Paul.

I note that those bringing another-different good news are not necessarily "anti" Messiah.


Q. Who at this time, 2012, is bringing another-different good news into the assembly? 


The Greek word παραδσεων paradoseon    for"traditions" Gal.1:14,  Strong's 3862

has definitions of giving over and the oral traditions (the body of precepts, esp. ritual, orally transmitted ).

The Greek word παραδίδοται  paradidotia  for "given-over" Mark 14:21, Strong's 3860

  has definitions of to give over and the oral traditions (to deliver one to be taught, moulded,  to deliver verbally commands, rites)



Netanyahu Gives Obama Megilah on Ancient Persian Plot During Meeting  (vosizneias) Mar 5

Purim is on March 8, 2012, in USA.


Panetta: 'International Permission’ Trumps Congressional Permission For Military Actions (breitbart) Mar 8
Setting the course against Israel?


Breitbart's Obama Tapes cropped, aired (breitbart) Mar 8


 Holder: U.S. can lawfully target American citizens  (washingtonpostsuper tuesday 2012

"Holder argued that a careful and thorough executive branch review of the facts in a case amounts to 'due process' and that the Constitution’s Fifth Amendment protection against depriving a citizen of his or her life without due process of law does not mandate a 'judicial process.'"



Looking for a book department:

Underground, City of David.(youtube hablinofjerusalem) Oct, 2009

Video of Herodian Tunnels

How far are they now?



GOP "leaders" want Romney.

DrudgeReport (gay?) shows bias against Santorum (christian?).

remembering: Santorum won Iowa, but not until after Romney first declared the winner.

" but no winner will be declared because some votes remain missing in the event’s closest finish ever, Republican officials said Thursday."
Romney had initially been considered the winner — by just 8 votes — of the first contest in the GOP presidential nomination contest."

Something fishy about Republican Party antics in Maine (bluestatepress) Feb15
"Romney was declared the winner by the Maine republican party chairman, with 3 counties missing votes and with the difference in votes between the two candidates being less than 200."
Michigan GOP Changes Delegate Rules, Gives Primary Edge to Romney (abcnews) Mar 1
"The decision, which broke a 15-15 tie that would have resulted under the pre-primary interpretation of the rules, caused disbelief at Rick Santorum’s campaign."

If not for GOP meddling, the momentum would have been to Santorum. Dirty politics and so much for the Tea Party.

Remember, in 2008, McCain did not campaign.

Shocking revelations from a Wikileaks document dump show the Democrat Party committed a felony when it stuffed ballot boxes in Ohio and Philadelphia during the 2008 presidential election.  (worldnetdaily) Mar 5
"In a published report, a second Wikileaks email indicated that 2008 Republican presidential candidate John McCain decided not to pursue legal action against the Democrats for engaging in voter fraud, believing that to do so would have thrown the country into civil unrest, and thus let the matter drop.
Emails between Stratfor staffers indicate that McCain’s actions were viewed as baffling, to say the least."
Unless you understand that In 2008, the GOP wanted Obama to win?

lol. In 2012, Ron Paul (for instance) doesn't want any Republican to win.

The only Republican that appears to want to win is Santorum.

Romney appears to be some kind of Democrat.

OR, they are all just really - baffling.


The TSA Is Coming To A Highway Near You  (forbes) Feb29

By Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN


New blood test that detects cancer developed in Israel (ynetnews) Mar 2


Kissing a gold idol on the ring of the Pope (news that matters)

Maybe as long as they don't turn their back on Jerusalem (the Holy of Holies) it is OK.

No, really, veneration of objects is just creepy.



What's the difference between in-laws and outlaws?

Outlaws are wanted.




March 2, 2012

On the beautiful sounding note of Passover, this note:


επί Κομός

transliterated: epi komos

English: afikomen!

Hebrew: אפיקומן

The Hebrew word is a transliteration of the Greek word.  BOTH are transliterated into English.

I can't make that more confusing.

Additionally, the Hebrew has definition somewhat separate from the Greek definition!

The word originates in Greek.  επί Κομός has been defined as "I have come in my full season of glory".

The Hebrew transliteration אפיקומן  from the Greek επί Κομός is usually given the definition "the broken middle matzah" [important note: matzah is UNLEAVENED bread], HOWEVER, it could also has the Hebrew definition of "It is finished." Where did that come from??? Perhaps it's a "God thing"?  That is to say, try as they may, the Jews can't get away from Yahweh Yeshua and the Cross/New Covenant (for further proof look to "redemption-back" -απολυτρωσιν apolytrōsin- through the blood of the Lamb Rom. 3:24, Col. 1:14, Eph.1:7).  And like all "God things", that's a good thing.

AS this brings to mind the words of Jesus/Yeshua on the cross "It is finished" τετελεσται John 19:30.


Ok, NOW I can't make it more confusing. lol. Really though, I hope it is not confusing to a stumbling.


[It is interesting that the Hebrew word is obviously new (newer than the New Testament!), and of Greek origin. This is one more thing that shows that any "Hebrew roots" concept founded on a Babylonian Hebrew language primacy is false, if you have eyes to see it. The New Testament Greek text study IS a TRUE HEBREW ROOTS (Messianic Judaism) STUDY.]


Jumping ahead a bit, an Afikomen summary from this Haggadah:

"The three matzas represents the unity of Trinity Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
At the beginning of the Seder, the middle matza is broken into two and the larger portion is hid in the room and the smaller portion is put back into the middle pouch. This declares the mystery of the incarnation. God send His son into the world to save sinners While on each he still retained the godhead, Jesus was both man and God. God took on human form and dwelt among us. This part is called Afikomen. One interpretation of the three Matza is that they represent, God, Priest and Man. The middle piece represents the Priest who mediate between Man and God."

"Afikoman ( אפיקומן, based on Greek epikomen or epikomion [επί Κομός]), means "that which comes after" or “one who is yet to come” which means the expected messiah. This is a half-piece of matzo from the middle matza among the three, which is broken in the early stages of the Passover Seder and hidden among the people to be eaten as a dessert after the meal. Traditionally the Afikomen part would be broken, wrapped in a linen napkin as Jesus himself was wrapped in linen for burial. He would be hidden buried, would be resurrected, and distributed himself to everyone who believed in Him As Jesus did this, he was conscious that this middle piece of matza represented His own, spotless body given for the redemption of His people. As the matza is striped and pierced, His own body would be striped and pierced, and it is by those wounds that we are healed (Isaiah 53:5). This middle piece of matza, or the Afikomen, is our communion bread."


A concern is the use of "communion", as it is so confused with with the Jewish weekly wine & LEAVENED-bread use/blessings (Kiddush &Hamotzi) AND also the confusion of mixing the unholy cup & sun-host-wafer of the Roman Catholic Church - Mystery Babylon.  [important note: matzah is UNLEAVENED bread]   There is more in our Haggadah (which needs revision & updating -this Haggadah is not finished ;) regarding the warning in the New Testament as to drinking/mixing the Third Cup of Passover.

The Jewish New Testament (JNT) and the meaning of "under the law".


John J. Parsons explains the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the JNT.

Mr. Parsons is very kind to the JNT's author, Stern. 

I say; Stern is in the least, intentionally misleading.



March 1, 2012

What good can come from a (the) Greek?

The Five Crosses (or commonly known as Les Cinq Croix) (wikipedia)

(Matt. 27:38 and Luke 23:32).
Appendix to The Companion Bible, by E.W.Bullinger

"there were two "thieves" (Gr. lestai = robbers, Matt. 27:38)

 there were two "malefactors" (Gr. kakouryoi, Luke 23:32)."

also using the distinction between the Greek words "allos" (other) and "heteros" (different)

("other" versus "different" also seen in the Greek in Galatians ch1)

 Greek = true Hebrew (i.e. Judaism) roots.

Greek = true Hebrew (i.e. Jewish) roots.

Again? So soon?  How so?


Lamentations 4:20

"The breath of our nostrils, the anointed of Jehovah,

was taken in their pits; Of whom we said,

Under his shadow we shall live among the nations. "


 "anointed" is from the Hebrew word משיח mashiyach  (Messiah)

in the LXX (Septuagint)  "anointed" is from the Greek word χριστoς christos (Christ)

Both "mashiyach" and "christos" mean "anointed".


Thus, 250 - 300 years BEFORE Yeshua, the Hebrews (Jews) used the GREEK "christos" (think "Christ") to reference the Messiah.

John J. Parsons at www.hebrew4christians outlines this better here.


And that is real Hebrew (Jewish) roots.



Mysterious Siberian Blasts Warned Point To Rapid Pole Reversal (pakalert press) Feb 27
the bible AND other ancient books do denote a shift of the earth's crust and or poles by some 10 degrees

and a divided earth in Peleg's day - the "spread" of civilization (& continents).

The big earthquake of Japan, 2011, shifted the earth's axis, as did the previous year's (whenever) quake in Chile.  and so forth.

So we are on the move.  Why? 

It does change the way we look at the signs God gave us - the constellations.  (Just as the precession of the equinoxes changes how we see the star signs) So we look for a change in the signs.  Sooner?  Later?

Remember, astrology is a corruption of Yah's astronomy.  There is a true message, however astrology leads many astray.

Sadly, many "Christians" and "messianics" are so superstitious they won't look at the signs, fearing (if due to spiritual weakness, perhaps rightly so) they will be corrupted.

You would think it would be the other way around, that the Astrology followers would be the most easily corrupted.

But most of the astrology followers are just looking for advice - horoscopes Because the astrology star maps DO NOT ALIGN WITH THE STARS, most "astrology" is mindless gobbledegook.  Perhaps the astrologists will be persuaded by the secular astronomers to see what's going on up there. (at least, they are looking up?)

Maybe the astrologists will stumble upon the truth, and climb up - as a stepping stone, as opposed to stumbling upon the truth, and falling down..




Torah Yesterday


feb 25, 2010

Old Testament Portion Ex. 25-

New Testament Portion Hebrews 1-9 - haha, let's not cookie cut, let's use the whole chapter.

notes for if I get a round tuit;


in beginning, darkness/light

zohar: darkness outside the light without Holy Spirit

John 3:19/Ex20:21 2 covenants in this

and hagar/sarai

 Ex 25:17: mercy seat, or atonement cover

rashi passes on this one too, as Ex 24:4  guess he doesn't like it either

NOT talking about the ark's cover, talking about what covers it.

in LXX propitiatory (future prophecy) revealed.

IN NT, Ro 3:25 and 1Jn2:2, propitiatory.

covered IN THE BLOOD

Portion Matthew 9:5 - PROPITIATORY.

then again, Talmud, berakoth 30a - we look toward the mercy seat. this is the focus of the old,

and the reality of the new testament

BLOOD OF ANIMALS NOT GOOD ENOUGH This from the cookie cut portion, Heb. 9:12-on

NEW Testament/Covenant - not renewed.  Kainos and Neos both mean NEW, not renewed.

IF this confuses you, same verse differentiates "first" covenant from the New Testament. Heb 9:15 or see Heb 10:9

still confused?  Or a stony heart?

BLOOD OF YESHUA - ONCE FOR many Heb9:28, FOREVER Heb 10:11-


Yeshua is not ministering now - he did that. TETELESTIA. NOW AT RIGHT HAND OF FATHER. Heb 10:12

if the "goal" is now attained - and it is,  Yeshua IS  YHVH ELOHIM YHVH ECHAD. - why keep playing when we have won in Messiah?

Don't stumble at the Rock.

1 Peter 2 8 -Also a stone of stumbling, a rock of offence to those that stumble at the word.

John 1:vs1, vs14 - The Word is Yeshua/Jesus

Don't stumble when you discover Yeshua is Yahweh!


The focus of the portion ex25:17 is Yeshua's(Jesus') blood.

atonement = covers sin

propitiation = removes sin

you pick.



hmmm I want one.


Mystery virus kills thousands of lambs  (telegraph) Feb 25
it seems Drudge Report has had this link up longer than usual.

One might tie this to biblical prophecy.


Pakistan: Thousands of Qurans Dumped in Raw Sewage Canal   (atlas shrugs) Feb 27
Documents Muslim use of  Koran for toilet paper.   

and our Pres. apologizes for what?


February 23, 2012

I lost a best friend today...hopefully not forever.


Iran's genocidal threat against Israel is genuine. (aish) Feb 12

"Now is the test to see if this repentance is genuine."


Drudge Report doesn't like Santorum.

How gay is that (i.e., Matt Drudge)?


Anti-Semitism in Presbyterian Church, Again (arutz sheva) Feb 19

US troops now in 4 African countries (ap) Feb 22


Modern Israel: Greatest miracle ever? (worldnetdaily) Feb 21

Joseph Farah is spot-on.
 excerpt: "Many people missed His first coming because they were looking for a conquering king. I suspect many Christians will not recognize the conquering king when He returns because they will be looking instead for the suffering servant.

What is Yeshua going to do when He returns?

The Bible tells us He’s going to meet out justice. His garments are going to be stained in blood. He’s going to destroy nations. He’s going to enforce His will with a rod of iron.

Are we prepared for that Yeshua?"



Eugenics and the Holocaust (Jerry Klinger) Feb 21

Latest thought provoking article from my friend Jerry Klinger

 In a previous article he speaks of Cotopaxi:
Cotopaxi - The failed Russian Jewish Agricultural Colony, 1882-1884



Ice To See You: 30,000-Year-Old Flower Revived (sky news) Feb 21
"the revived plant looked very similar to its modern version, which still grows in the same area in northeastern Siberia." lol

I note that squash in my garden cross in one season. Result: variant fruit.
The neat thing is that the life is preserved in the seed. [the ones having ears, eyes only hear]


Obama imposing national school curriculum  (wnd) Feb 21



The Vatican Agenda:  (redmoonrising.com)
Babylon, Mystery Religion NOT DEAD YET.

Second Vatican state to be established in Jerusalem  (ivarfjeld) Feb 18
It is interesting that the World Council of Churches calls itself "oikoumene". http://www.oikoumene.org/

A good translation would be "inhabited-earth".
From the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament Vol 5 pp157:
"The concept of the oikoumene is first geographical, but then becomes cultual and political. Religion, philosophy and politics (e.g. the concept of dominion in Alexander the Gt.) combine to create the idea of a generally binding human society. .... In the imperial period the philosophical concept of the Hellenic oikoumene fuses with the political and legal structure of the roman Empire..."


One of the scariest recent headlines:

"We are all Catholics now."  (fox news) Feb 8

Prophecy dictates the Roman Catholic Church (7th world power - Vatican is a sovereign nation) will be somehow joined with the 8th world power.

Even Glenn Beck is getting sucked into this.  If possible, even the very elect will be deceived.

Yes, it is good to see Obama in such a pickle, if indeed he is.

It is not good to see the mix of the cup of Yah and the cup of satan.

It is good to see the prophecies coming to fulfillment.






Guns, Butter, Jobs and Birth Control (sultan knish) Feb 18


Obama's giveaway: Oil-rich islands to Russia (worldnetdaily) Feb 17


Doomsday clock ticking on Internet freedom  (worldnetdaily) Feb 13

Search with ixquick.com and choose the "proxy" option at search results


Meet the "Silent Speaker," whose foot is on the brake of the Gunwalker investigation (sipsystreetirregularst) Feb 3

Palestinians? Who cares! (ynet) Feb 11
Op-ed: Mideast upheaval shatters myth, Arab-Israeli conflict unrelated to region’s troubles


Rick Santorum: Equality Comes From 'God Of Abraham, Isaac And Jacob,' Not Islam  (huffingtonpost) Feb 9


“American Pie” explained by Glenn Beck: What does “The Day the music died” mean? (glen beck) Feb 9


Foreign Press Rents Tel Aviv Rooftops To Cover Iran War (eurasiareview) Feb 9

almost showtime


The Himalayas and nearby peaks have lost no ice in past 10 years  (guardian) Feb 8


Report: Iran deploys 15,000 troops to help Syria's Assad (ynetnews.com) Feb 8
Damascus headed to a heap of trouble.


U.S. Embassy in Syria Closed, Diplomats Evacuated (abc news)  Feb 7

War with Iran is coming (ynetnews.com)  Feb 7



FBI warns of threat from anti-government extremists (reuters)  Feb 7
a bunch of lies, of course, but note:

"The extremists may refuse to pay taxes, defy government environmental regulations..."

Thus, if you so much as burn your trash during a fire ban, you are a terrorist.

Anyone that says they are an American (sovereign citizen) is a terrorist.

Yes, terrorist: note this comes from the FBI's counterterrorism division.

How Iran could Win a War against Israel and the United States in One Hour (john galt)  Feb 5

With non-nuclear weapons, this seems a bit of a stretch. But not with them.


Truth, lies and Afghanistan  (armed forces journal

A little bit more blood,

Wait for November

Oh, it's just a game

Laugh it off boys


.time to die.


Catholic League Poised To Go To War With Obama Over Mandatory Birth Control Payments (cbs new york)  Feb6

"Never before, unprecedented in American history, for the federal government to line up against the Roman Catholic Church"

"70 Million Of His Voters Ready To Alter Presidential Election"
The Roman Catholic Church (A.K.A.
Mystery Babylon) is not dead.  Not THE world power now, probably. Still a force.

Looking for RCC to join with Islam. And looking for many to be deceived, if possible, by the RCC, Islam, or a combination of those two.



at the seventh note on the shofar,  Feb 6

looking at Zechariah



The Year We Lost Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia and Most of the Middle East (townhall.com)  Feb5

This is what happened in 2011. 

Perhaps Obama a good thing?  Please, but keep in mind that G-d establishes the Kings of the world.

Dan 2:20 Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever; for wisdom and might are his.
Dan 2:21 And he changeth the times and the seasons; he removeth kings, and setteth up kings; he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that have understanding;
Dan 2:22 he revealeth the deep and secret things; he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him.





Pelosi, Soros Support Most Dangerous Threat to America: UN Taxation (townhall.com)  Feb5


Mitt Romney, the Value-Added Tax, and America’s European Future (danieljmitchell.wordpress) 


Ayatollah: Kill all Jews, annihilate Israel (wnd)  Feb5

"The Iranian government, through a website proxy, has laid out the legal and religious justification for the destruction of Israel and the slaughter of its people.
The doctrine includes wiping out Israeli assets and Jewish people worldwide."

Pamella Geller commentary: What part of kill all the Jews don't you understand, mein herr? A terrible war is coming. This is evident.



Handbook for Infidels Cupcakes

even a tree-hugging atheist understands there is no moderate islam.



The Hashemites in Palestine: A Royal Scam That Keeps On Scamming (docstalk.blogspot)


 the sixth note. feb 3, 2012



Israel will not pull out of the next Middle East war until Hizbollah is annihilated  (telegraph) Feb 2
At some point, Damascus gets flattened:

Isaiah 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap. cf. Zech. 9




just a few notes on Zechariah 9.

vs. 9: "...Behold, thy king cometh unto thee; he is just, and having salvation: lowly and riding upon an ass, even upon a colt the foal of an ass."

This prophecy has been fulfilled by Jesus/Yeshua.  see Matthew 21:1-10.


vs.11: " As for thee also, because of the blood of thy [Jesus' shed blood] covenant I have set free thy prisoners from the pit [that Joseph/Israel was put into] wherein is not water." [?thinking thus]





Iran warns world of coming great event  (worldnetdaily) Feb 2

"Many clerics in Iran have stated that Khamenei is the deputy of the last Islamic messiah on earth and that obedience to him is necessary for the final glorification of Islam.
Khamenei has been heard to say that the coming of the last Islamic Messiah, the Shiites’ 12th Imam Mahdi, is near and that specific actions need to be taken to protect the Islamic regime for upcoming events.


The Revolutionary Guards not only can hit all U.S. bases in the Middle East with their ballistic missiles but also reach most capital cities in Western Europe. The Guards, with the help of China and North Korea, are working on intercontinental ballistic missiles. But more dangerous to America, as reported last July, is the Guards action in arming their vessels with long-range ballistic missiles and their expansion of their mission into the Atlantic Ocean, right into the Gulf of Mexico.

Any Iranian military or commercial vessel easily could get right outside the U.S. coastline and in less than 60 seconds fire a ballistic missile armed with a nuclear payload and detonate it over U.S. skies in an electromagnetic attack that would plunge America back into the 18th century."


Obama Stands by Muslim Brotherhood Endorsement (arutz sheva/israeli national news) Feb 2

The Muslim Brotherhood: "stands for the re-establishment of the

 Islamic Empire (Caliphate), the takeover, spiritually or otherwise,

of the entire world, and jihad and martyrdom"



Flesh-eating bug spread by sneezes and coughs (metro.co.uk) Jan 2

Geert Wilders: Change Jordan's name to Palestine (ynetnews.com) Jan 31
Rightist Dutch leader wants to end Mideast conflict by finding Palestinians 'alternate homeland'


National Jewish Fund funding Hamas (debbieschlussell.com) Jan 31


Canadian FM: We Stand Shoulder to Shoulder with Israel (thelandofisrael.com) Jan 31


More than 60 dead in European cold snap, Alaska hits record low temperature. (yourjewishnews.com) Jan 31
and here at home, the mildest January ever?


Bat population near extinction in U.S. Northeast (extinction protocol) Jan 30

bats pollinate plants.


The Aware Study

kind of interesting, secular medical field looking for the soul



Syrian army launches offensive near Damascus (breitbart) Jan 29


The Truth about  “Palestine (frontpage magazine)

"the fact that the PLO was created in 1964 by the League of Arab States and not after the June “Six Day War” of 1967, is telling enough that Ahmad Shuqayri (original founder of the PLO), and his successor Yasser Arafat, were looking for the total extermination of Israel, while Jordan already had the “occupied territories” of the “West Bank,” and Egypt had the “Gaza Strip.”"

"Israel would be well advised to learn from the cruel fates of history which has a way of repeating itself."



UN Calls 'Occupier' Israel to Stop Demolishing Arab Homes (arutz sheva) Jan 29

Report: Bibi to Sack Ministers Who Back Outpost Law (arutz sheva) Jan 29


What are they? Mysterious unexplained noises now being reported across the globe (extinction protocol) Jan 27


Newlyweds Among Those Evicted from Outpost (arutz sheva) Jan 20
Their home was razed. What? No UN outcry?
Jewish homes destroyed by Jewish government in Israel.  Insanity.


Mubarak asks World leaders to save him (atlas shrugs) Jan 28
the world shrugs.


Obama hosts George H.W. and Jeb Bush at White House (politico) Jan 27

according to the White House:

“The three men enjoyed a personal visit in the Oval Office – as they have done on previous occasions when President Bush is in Washington.”



Photo: barenakedislam.com

Barack Hussein Obama will speed up the pace of US taypayers’ money sent to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt
(bare naked islam / endtimestoday.com) Jan 25



Google Set to Replace Government as Big Brother (arutz sheva) Jan 25
"US Government officials requested personal data on Google Users for criminal investigations 5,590 times in the first half of 2011 - and increase of 29% over the last six months. Google reported it complied with 93% of these requests.

No warrant was required.





Torah Yesterday

 Saturday, Jan 21 2012


all the words of Yehovah


The question arises:  What about the TALMUD? 

Traditional Judaism teaches that Elohim/God gave Moses the Torah.  This in writing at the time God gave it to Moses.  This is the Torah, The Law.  The rabbis teach that there was also an unwritten set of instructions or Law given (at the same time the Torah/Law/Commandments were given), called the Oral Torah.  The tradition is that this Oral Torah was passed down orally for 2000 YEARS through rabbis until it was decided to write it down.  This written Oral Torah is called the Talmud!!! 


There are two Talmuds, The Jerusalem and the Babylonian, which vary considerably in content.  This disagreement in content begs the question: "Which Talmud is correct?".  My copy is the Babylonian Talmud, and I think it is a popular choice.  The Babylonian Talmud is several volumes larger than the Jerusalem Talmud. Apparently the Babylonians are better story tellers than the Jerusalemians; either better at preserving the original story, or adding to it, - you decide.


Both Talmuds were written much later than the New Testament.  The Talmud was put together between the 3rd and 5th centuries A.D.  This is an important point in any Messianic Hebrew roots study.  I don't say that with total sarcasm.  You really should know the actual roots of your doctrine. 


What does the Torah say?


Exd 24:4 And Moses wrote all the words of Jehovah, and rose up early in the morning, and builded an altar under the mount, and twelve pillars, according to the twelve tribes of Israel. 


Scripture says Moses wrote all the words of Jehovah.  Thus it is false to say there was such a thing as an "Oral" Torah given by Elohim/God at the same time.


Of course, because Scripture says something, then of course someone is going to say that it doesn't mean what it says. 

 This is called doctrine.  In other words, Scripture is from God, doctrine is from man. 


And sure enough, the first person I shared this passage with said "all" didn't mean "all".

There's not much I can do about that.


 However, I can and may study the Word of Elohim/God!

From my Hebrew-English interlinear, I find the Hebrew word used for "all" in Exodus 24:4

"all" is from the Hebrew word:

כָּל־  (pronounced as "kole" or "Kahl")

Every Hebrew lexicon (dictionary)  I have says כָּל־ means "all" in totality.  Never does it indicate a part of a whole. 

 Here is the Blue Letter Bible lexicon's result for this word.  


Strongs 3605

1) all, the whole

a) all, the whole of

b) any, each, every, anything

c) totality, everything

Authorized Version (KJV) Translation Count — Total: 25 AV — every thing, all, whosoever, whatsoever, nothing, yet

The Blue Letter Bible also has the Gesenius Lexicon results for this word.

I also looked at my hard copy Gesenius' Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon pp396-397.

Again, Kahl means all. 

The Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament Vol1 pp985 result?  Kahl means all.

I checked with a couple of other lexicons I have - כָּל־  Kahl means all.

And that's what I thought it meant when I read this passage.


Interestingly, but I suppose not surprisingly, the Talmud (Bablylonian) does not, in it's seventeen volumes, address Exodus 24:4.   Wow. 


Rashi, another rabbi that added words to the Torah given to Moses,  seems to indicate that "all the words of Yehovah" in Exodus 24:3 mean something different than "all the words of Yehovah" in the next verse, Exodus 24:4.   Wow again.


I enjoy the perspective given by the Talmud and Rashi.  However, I am most thankful for that which is given by the Holy Spirit - and common sense;  and that is the discernment of when the teaching stops and the deception begins in these doctrines of men.  

 If something or someone is contrary to the Word of God, it is a lie, and deception.


WAR story

It was the site of the only World War II land battle fought on the incorporated territory of the United States (the Battle of Attu),

and its battlefield area is a U.S. National Historic Landmark.
mandatory evacuation of about 880 Aleuts
75 of them died in USA internment camps.

The 42 Attu inhabitants who survived the Japanese invasion were taken to a prison camp near Otaru, Hokkaid.

Sixteen of them died while they were imprisoned.

3,929 U.S. casualties: 580 were killed, 1,148 were injured, 1,200 had severe cold injuries, 614 succumbed to infectious diseases, and 318 died of miscellaneous causes – largely from Japanese booby traps and from friendly fire.

The death count for the Japanese was 2,035.

the Japanese force was killed almost to the last man: only 28 prisoners were taken, none of them officers. U.S. burial teams counted 2,351 Japanese dead, but it was presumed that hundreds more had been buried by naval, air, and artillery bombardments over the course of the battle.


On August 1, 2010, the United States Coast Guard LORAN station on Attu permanently ceased operation. On August 27 the station was decommissioned and the Coast Guard personnel left, leaving the island with no resident population.


We won.








The weather on Attu is typical Aleutian weather: cloudy, rainy, and foggy. High winds occur occasionally.










Syrian rebels seize parts of Damascus suburb (jerusalem post) Jan 22
Q. yeah, so what?  who cares about Damascus?

A. Isa 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.






Warning Signs That We Should Prepare For The Worst (the coming economic collapse blog.com) Jan 19

Home Bible Studies Are Being Banned In Many Areas Of The United States  (signsofthelastdays.com) Jan 19


Santorum beat Romney in Iowa (fox news) Jan 19

but Rep. party apparently wants Romney to win, so they won't say he lost.



About 6000 persons on an aircraft carrier.
Iran: We Will Target US Aircraft Carriers in Conflict (arutz sheva) Jan 19
Looks like they are being set up as a sacrifice - to use as and excuse to get into another war.  Hope not.

False Christian Group World Council of Churches Declares WAR On Israel (nowtheendbegins.com)
"The Bethlehem Call" is satanic.



Joint US-Israel drill called off by Netanyahu, to Washington's surprise (debka file) Jan 17
If Netanyahu has been paying attention to his home bible study,

[apparently you can do home bible study in Israel but not so much the USA]
then he knows not to rely on anyone but the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


Torah Yesterday

Sat. Jan 14, 2012

In brief:  The distinct words for "prophet" and "prophetess" exist in both the bible's Hebrew and Greek texts.

I'll expand this later.  I have a problem with people making things up, in particular when it involves scripture.



Ron Paul’s Disastrous Views on Israel, Islam, and the Middle East (thecontroversyofzion.com) Jan 11
shows Paul's claims such as this:

"Have you ever read the reasons they attacked us? They attacked us because we’ve been over there; we’ve been bombing Iraq for 10 years."

 - are based on one Robert Pape's writings, which are debunked (and so then also debunks Paul) Here:

“Contrasting Secular and Religious Terrorism” in Middle East Quarterly

“Design, Inference, and the Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism” in American Political Science Review

This site says: Ron Paul Vindicated on ISRAEL (Zionism Reality Check)
thus, at the least, with RP, the USA won't be blessed according to Gen.12:3

this because RP says he won't do anything for Israel.
At the worst, with RP, the USA will be bitterly cursed according to Gen. 12:3


As George Soros has Planned – Final Implementation of Obama Dictatorship in Progress on All Levels  (itmakessenseblog) Jan 9

Muslims global leaders in persecuting Christians (worldnetdaily) Jan 7

Jerusalem Burial Cave Reveals: Names, Testimonies of First Christians  (leadershipu.com)
Peter was not a pope!?!

Peter’s Tomb Recently Discovered In Jerusalem



Greece to 'sell bonds backed by state property' (breitbart) Jan 7


Thousands of US troops land in Israel. Aircraft carrier coming soon (debkafile) Jan 6


Ron Paul voting for OBAMA (politico Jan 6


Obama gives Sanctuary City Status to Entire Nation (whiteout press) Jan 4


New Nationwide FEMA Camps Should Raise Eyebrows  (american thinker) Jan2

Losing your right to grow, harvest and consume your own food
"The Patriot Act includes a provision that makes possession of more than one week’s worth of food or even necessary medical supplies a felony should the president declare a national emergency.


"Homeland" "Security's" food storage recommendation? 2 weeks of food

"Short-Term Food Supplies
Even though it is unlikely that an emergency would cut off your food supply
for two weeks, you should prepare a supply that will last that long."


However, I cannot find a 2-week reference on the HSA or FEMA webs, only 3 days "at least" is recommended.


Muslim Brotherhood vows not to recognize Israel  (jerusalem post) Jan1, 2012
Obama's legacy.  It's what he wants.





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